Saturday, December 16, 2006

Murder of Mongolian Model

Recently back in Oct 06, a Mongolian model by the name of Altantunya Shariibuu was murdered ruthlessly, sins committed by 2 members of the police's special task force, where the C4 explosives were used to blast her off the face of the earth.

Lots of write-ups on this issue now and new fictional stories are being true is it? Read it and judge for yourself.....

* Screenshots: Feeding the Media that feed the readers
* Gerbang Ruhanie: The Toyol Code - Satu Realiti
* Malaysia Today: No Holds Barred
* Susan Loone: In-Human Rights
* The Age, Australia: Model's murder raises explosive questions for Malaysian minister
* Present Point Power - this is a blog which has extensive write-ups (Part 1 to 4)

Read somewhere that the Russian media has some write-up on this issue too but can't locate the right website.
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