Thursday, January 18, 2007

Bribery Probe

In UK, the Serious Fraud Office is looking into BAE Systems' deal with Tanzania for the sale of an air traffic control system for Tanzania's main airport. It seems that US$12m was paid to a Tanzanian middleman to secure the deal from Tanzania's government. BAE Systems has denied the case. (source BBC News)

Understanding - the Tanzanian government didn't pay a single cent to the middleman but it was the seller who has paid. In a way, the Tanzanian government was not involved.

In Malaysia - there are 2 scenarios which are similar to the above:-
1) Questions regarding purchase of Sukhoi aircraft worth
2) Controversial acquisition of submarines by the Defence Ministry

In Israel, it's current Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has been named in a bribery probe involving the Bank Leumi affair. Menawhile, Attorney Yossi Fox appealed to Attorney General Mazuz Wednesday morning requesting he order Olmert's suspension following State Prosecutor Eran Shendar's decision that a criminal investigation be launched against Olmert over his alleged role in the affair. Since the allegations against Olmert are regarding his time as acting finance minister, this suspicion is of serious crimes, including bribery, and it is unreasonable that a prime minister with such a heavy cloud hovering over his head should continue in his position," said Fox's letter to Mazuz. (source: Ynetnews)

Understanding - meaning to say Malaysia's Attorney General has such execution power if it happens in Malaysia?

In Malaysia - PM's name was indicated but has denied of any involvement
1) How to make more than RM11 billion with just one letter
2) United Nation's Volker Report (pg 10 & 19 - last para)

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