Thursday, January 18, 2007

Discrimination in JPA Scholarship

Firstly, you have to read the article called Malaysia short on IT specialists published in The Star on 16 Jan 07. PIKOM has stated that the IT industry is now short of networking specialists and leaves IT graduates who only have a general IT education, with a mismatch between the skills they have and the skills wanted in the job market.

Secondly, a letter from a disappointed father (from Uncle Lim's blog) on his son's loan from JPA (a.k.a. Janji Putus Asa) which depicted that JPA has stated there is a policy change for IT degrees saying ICT is not a critical course and also based on the fact that there were many unemployed IT graduates in the market now. The father mentioned this "Obviously that is not true because it is widely publicized in the media and well documented and acknowledged by industry captains that our local ICT grads are simply unemployable and not because of the lack of jobs in such industries."

There you have it. Which is which? Malaysia Boleh! (in english-Malaysia Can!)
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