Sunday, April 22, 2007

Family Torn Apart Literally

Another family was literally torn apart. By virtue of LAW and RELIGION's name again. This time it's Marimuthu a/l Periasamy, his wife-Raimah Bibi a/p Noordin and six children (Yogneswary 12, Paramila 11, Hariharen 8, Shamala 5, Ravindran 5 and Kuberan, 4) who had been separated from him by the Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor (JAIS).

JAIS has found that his wife of 21 years (please note properly - the wife's age is not of 21 years old but they have been married for the last 21 SOLID YEARS) was a muslim and by virtue of her religion, the wife and six children have been taken away by JAIS from Marimuthu, who is a practising Hindu.

Where is Malaysia heading to where we will be celebrating 50 years of independence in August 2007?

I would like to quote 2 of Malik Imtiaz's statements:-

* Promoting Unity, Malaysian Style - just remember, we gave the present Government a mandate. Something we are constantly reminded of. The law requires that the welfare of the children be the paramount consideration. The law also requires that all of us be treated equally. And yet, it would seem that those amongst us charged with the welfare of the nation and its citizens appear to think otherwise.

* The Law Is Only As Good As The Way It Is Defined And Applied -but, and this is the point of this exercise, the law is only as good as the way it is defined and applied. Put another way, the law – be it the Federal Constitution or any laws made by the legislative bodies – is only useful in ensuring the balance described above if it is applied correctly and consistently.

Reading: Forcible separation of Marimuthu from wife and six children - habeas corpus writ
Reading: Muslim wife, five children 'taken away'
Reading: Hindu rubber tapper seeks release of wife and six children in latest controversy

I'm trying to understand such cases through my own rational thinking, living a life as a normal human being which treasures family values and a law-abiding citizen of Malaysia but to no avail. All this makes no sense to me. I'm not bringing up the issue of religion, not because it's sensitive but because the word religion doesn't hold at all in this aspect. It's more of human life at stake right now. They require Syariah court to determine this issue also? Where are the educated logical human beings top government officials, who could say/do something, who have children on their own? What's their viewpoint on this matter? Just because you live a nice comfortable life, doesn't mean you just sit at home reading such incident without having a single comment.

I do shout out the Malaysia Boleh! cheer especially in sports achievement or some special feats by Malaysians but this time, cycnically, it's also Malaysia Boleh.
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Blogger Malik Imtiaz Sarwar said...

Thanks for writing on the issue. It is important for all of us to take steps to raise awareness about what is going on. This is not about Islam. It is about the wielding of power in an arbitrary and excessive way. It is about the Rule of Law.

Malik Imtiaz Sarwar

24 April, 2007 13:58  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

I just put myself into Marimuthu's shoes. I would be so devastated if it happens to me. My life would be totally destroyed and not worth living for as family values were not upheld in this case. Just felt for him.

25 April, 2007 16:11  

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