Sunday, April 22, 2007

Religion Before Family

For me, it's more of God that comes first before family but that also God's teaching won't contradict family values. In a way, God's teaching inculcates close family ties. If you were to word it a bit differently, " Religion Before Family", then it could have another meaning.

Religion understanding of different faiths have been taught from generations to generations and some could be misunderstood or misinterpreted by laymen. Some interpreted religious teachings for their personal gains.

Does religion comes before family? In my previous post on 11 April where I mentioned that a husband (Suresh Veerapan), wife (Revathi Masoosai/Siti Fatimah’s) and their 15 month old child were separated by religious officials at 3 different locations. The husband, left untouched, is really lost at home. His wife's detention at the Pusat Pemulihan Akidah (or Faith Rehabilitation Centers in english) at Ulu Yam, Selangor has now been extended for another 80 days. Reason: she did not cooperate during the 100-day stay. The child is being cared by the maternal grandmother who is a practising muslim. How were they separated? This family was separated by LAW and RELIGION!!!!!

The human life aspect is not important according to the law and religion. To me, such people will grow older/up having hatred in their hearts towards law and religion. For parents, who wouldn't be worried about their newly-born child which they can't care or see. The child has been brought to this world now and it has already happened. No flexibility or tolerancy in this aspect? But to stick to the law and book per se?

What does the relevant government ministries that promotes family unity have to say about this? These ministries have been keeping mum on this issue. Why? Let the Syariah court take its course? How many more months must this family suffer? I really pity the baby who is so innocent. Are the religious people so afraid that the mother will 'brainwash' the baby so that it will not follow the Islamic teachings?
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