Monday, May 21, 2007

Government Staff - Increase of Salaries

Heard from a friend that his wife has received a memo stating that government servants will receive a pay rise ranging from 5% to 30%. That's a really big increase. Seems that the large percentage increase will be for those at the lower ranked positions.

Besides that, the COLA (Cost of Living Allowance) for each government employee will be increased by 100% ......... my friend was already calculating what he could get for his family/house with that large salary increment for his wife. That's good to hear with all those daily stuff having increased so much lately. This will lessen the burden on those with children and dependents still relying on them.

BUT will government offices be providing better services with such increase? Why do I ask this question? I'm sure lots of Malaysians will ask this same question. Not that we are bias but ....... please prove us wrong for once. For the private entities, employees would go through performance appraisal to appraise their past year's performance before their increment/bonus was determined. In the government sector, increase now and the public will hope for better services........sigh! Even that, the private sector may not get to see that high percentage of increase across the board.

Will this high pay rise cause a big increase in the stock market as well. According to a remisier, he said it might but don't think it will sustain the stock market for long since the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange ("KLSE") has been performing laggardly past few days.
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