Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Change of Chief Ministers

Rumours are there that seven of the current 9 Chief Ministers ("CM") would be changed after the next general election. There are 13 CMs, isn't it? So I guess Penang will remain status quo as it's CM is usually from Gerakan political party. Kelantan is under opposition ruling in PAS, so it's out of the question too and Sarawak -the CM from Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu has been there for 26 years - no change I supposed.

Let's see then ....those under UMNO's rulings Perlis/Kedah/Terengganu/Perak/ Selangor/ Negeri Sembilan/Melaka/Pahang/Johore/Sabah, which state will see a change of CM???

Change due to posting to different states but still holding the Chief Minister's post or totally out of the picture for good? Will they be retained in the parliament to hold federal ministers' positions?

Normally the Chief Ministers' positions are helmed by top echelons in the UMNO political party. So that means to say there will be lots of changes in the top UMNO positions too?

People will normally ask reporters how did you get such news?
Public: But how do you know it is true?
Reporter: I know.
Public: How? How do you know?
Reporter: Because I have good sources.
Public: Inside sources?
Reporter: Yes, inside sources.
Public: Who are they?
Reporter: I can’t tell you. But they are very reliable inside sources.
Public: But how can you be sure?
Reporter: Writers have to trust their sources. All writers do. How else can we get information? Not all information is based on documents. Many stories are based on interviews and anonymous sources. Even Newsweek, Time and all the reputable foreign journals need to depend on word-of-mouth information and interviews. There are no documents to use.
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