Thursday, June 14, 2007

Civil War in Palestine

* Latest Update - Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian President has dissolved the parliament in view of the fierce fightings between the 2 parties that formed the coalition government. Prime Minister, Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas, has been sacked with immediate effect.

First, Palestine fought with Israel, seeking for an autonomy over the lands at Gaza Strip and West Bank. After gaining most of it, internal frictions began with both Hamas and Fatah Party groups hitting at each other.

Mahmoud Abbas, the leader of the Fatah Party accused Hamas of staging a coup. What's the purpose? Both are muslims but yet going at each other's throat. Just like the Roman Catholics and Protestants camps in Northern Ireland. The government has just been set-up by both parties and it's on the brink of collapse.

Rumours are saying that Hamas commanders in West Bank will fight till it belongs to their faction. Man!!! this is fierce and what a threat. Besides this, the Hamas is also trying to secure the command post for Palestinian security forces. I'm sure whoever who holds this portfolio will be able to control Palestine as well.

Political analysts were hinting that it could led to a full blown civil war. How unfortunate. Apparently Fatah's leaders were holding meetings to decide whether to pull out of the 3 month old coalition government. If it happens, it will be detrimental to the new government for sure.

And to top it off, suspected Hamas fighters fired rockets & mortar shells at Fatah's security bases and also the presidential compound. There were about 200 Hamas fighters against 500 Fatah Party security forces locked in battle. Trying their luck or hoping that a civil war will occur? I'm glad that Malaysians don't need to go to such extend for their voices to be heard.

As of now, Hamas is controlling most of Gaza Strip while West Bank is under the influence of Fatah Party.

Reading: Government on brink of collapse as Gaza moves closer to civil war - Times Online
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