Friday, June 22, 2007

Illegal Street Racing

In Malaysia, cars caught participating in illegal street race would be compounded and inspected by the Road Transport Department officials for any illegal/unapproved modifications. If there were such modifications, the car owner would be forced to strip those off and get the original specifications back on (specs as approved by the Road Transport Act).

But if you were caught racing in an illegal street race in California (Arnold Szhwarzenegger's territory), my my.......pray hard. Such impounded vehicles would be crushed at the Ecology Auto Parts in Rialto, California. That's how the enforcement team controls illegal street racing there.

(AP Photo/Nick Ut)

This Ecology Auto Parts company somehow has a healthy spare parts business and they could find the spare parts you wanted. Their business slogan "Parts On Request is the "Full" Service division of Ecology. We will find, and even ship your part to your door." Another scam hand-in-hand with the state government?



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