Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Selangor Land Office

Be very very careful when you submit your forms/documents to transfer land titles in Selangor Land Offices, it seems that officers in the Land Offices (esp Hulu Selangor and Kuala Langat) will keep your transfer documents and convinced everyone that the documents are lost. Thereafter, hoping that everyone has forgotten about it, the officers will then take those documents and effect the transfer to their own family members/relatives. No integrity at all and they dare to sit in the office still. It's like 'put your horse come' (fong ma goh lei in cantonese).

With complaints and evidence brought before the Chief Minister of Selangor, Datuk Seri Dr Mohammad Khir Toyo, I hope he will SACK them. Not only get sacked but be put to trial for criminal breach of trust. These people will not learn from such situation unless they are put through tough punishments.

The following statement was extracted from The Star:-
He told civil servants gathered at the Dewan Seri Jugra in Telok Datok that, in Dubai, if an officer received three complaints against him, he would be sacked. “If I were to do this here, there might be no one left (in the government departments),” he said.

Why wait for 3 complaints? Is the Selangor government or Malaysia government for that matter is going to adopt the 3 complaints system? Will only get sacked (or reprimanded?) after 3 complaints? 3 complaints each year or every month?

And the Chief Minister said that if he were to implement it in the state of Selangor, there might be no one left in the government departments. What was he trying to say there? That each and everyone of the Selangor government staff has more than 3 complaints ALL THE TIME????? What a waste of tax payers' money in increasing their pay then.
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