Friday, June 08, 2007

Student Riot in China

The Star newspaper reported that there was a student riot over attack by street inspectors. It only mentioned that students came to the scene where a female student vendor was beaten by street inspectors while trying to remove her unlicensed stall. The student vendor lost her front teeth in the commotion. Other students who were having their own stalls and people thronging that area went berserk with the street inspectors' action. Thereafter, a riot happened.

According to Zonaeuropa, the street inspectors came from the city administration law enforcement team in the Jinshui district of Zhengzhou city. After the incident, the Jinshui district party/government paid a high degree of attention. Upon further investigation, a number of city administration workers have been severely punished overnight.

In another witness' story, by the time the police arrived at the scene, the female student vendor had already been handcuffed and was injured. When the public and other students saw that the police was not doing anything and not trying to find who cause those injury, the commotion started. Additional police force was called in to assist the earlier batch and subsequently, the crown got bigger and for sure some nasty reaction would happen when police was trying to protect the street inspectors.

With the large population in China or even in cities, police force or even the army may not stand against their citizens if the citizens were united together.

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