Monday, June 11, 2007

World Naked Bike Ride Day

Last Saturday was a special day to quite a number of people in certain countries. Partially clad riders (some were totally nude) rode their bicycles in major cities to highlight few issues. It's just to get the message across.

This picture was taken in Madrid of Spain.

Passing a government office in Madrid.

One of the issue is to highlight the vulnerability of cyclists on the road. There were no special lanes catered for cyclists.
This ride was organised in Brighton in England.

The bikers were there to promote cycling as an environmentally-friendly form of transport.
The event was even held right in front of the White House in USA. I would think they enjoyed the sun-tanning more than fighting for the real cause.
In Paris of France, you can join in even though you are fully dressed.

In Vancouver of Canada, riders tried to bring attention to pollution caused by cars.

They were actually attracting attention by their actions.

Got their message? Wondering where in Malaysia was the Naked Bike Ride Day held? Will do some search on it ......hehehe
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Blogger KAYLEE said...

hmmm sounds like a real fun event:) thanks for stopping by my blog.

11 June, 2007 14:06  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

which govt dept to go to in order to organise this event in malayisa?

11 June, 2007 14:32  

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