Saturday, July 07, 2007

750,000 Dead in China!

What? 750,000 dead in China? What happened?

An estimated figure of 750,000 was provided by World Bank in relation to bad pollution which is damaging the citizens there. 750,000 people actually died prematurely each year, no thanks to air pollution. That bad? In USA, the figure is 7,562. What a difference!

China's response - their State Environment Protection Agency and Health Ministry called up World Bank and requested World Bank to bring down the figure. Wow! They are even more frank in what they want. In Malaysia, the government would have denied it at all cost. Malaysian government would say that World Bank was bias and that World Bank's datas were not reliable as they do not understand Malaysia's scenario.

How did those figures came about? China government was trying to hide those figures (omit if possible):-
* high air-pollution levels in Chinese cities - premature deaths of 350,000-400,000 people
* exposure to poor air indoors - 300,000 people
* poor-quality water, largely in the countryside, from severe diarrhoea, and stomach, liver and bladder cancers - 60,000-odd people

Official release of this World Bank research report is still being discussed with the China gahmen........maybe on the payout...hehe. China gahmen was worried that this report may cause citizens' unrest if a detailed report was released where it could identify specific China cities. See how irresponsible were they. Looks like the gahmen rather have their citizens dying than checking out the root of the pollution and eradicate/lessen the effect of pollution. But No! Dare not tell the truth????
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