Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Fight Rising Crime in Johore

The first “Fight Rising Crime” public hearing of the Parliamentary Caucus on Human Rights and Good Governance will be held in Johor Baru on Sunday, 8th July 2007 at 2.30 p.m. at Tropical Inn, Jalan Gereja.

Please help to pass the word, by all means available, including blogs, SMS and word of mouth, to have a capacity attendance.

Let this be a people-centred, people-driven and people-empowered event.


This event is held in Johor Baru due to numerious crimes over there. If you have contacts/friends living nearby or in Johor Baru, let them know. If Johor Baru people don't attend or care about this event, then they can't blame the rising crimes happening there itself. The police or the state government will then say "Look, even the citizens there don't attend such event which means to say the crimes have been exaggerated. If they were worried they would have flooded the venue out to the streets with those 350,000 signing the online petition".

So, it's up to you folks in Johor Baru to make a difference in your life, a better and safer one.

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