Sunday, July 15, 2007

Malaysia's Secret Police in Incommunicado Arrest

Further to my earlier blog posting on Nathaniel Tan, he is NOW to be remanded for 4 days up to Tuesday to facilitate investigation. The secret police is showing its mettle but this Nathaniel Tan is just a small fish (or small fry in Malaysian context) in the big ocean.

What can a 27 year old do to a government that he could be investigated under the Official Secrets Act? He had some documents that could trigger national insecurity? Or just because of a comment left on one of his blog posts, which put the link pointing to a website which reported on the deputy minister for Internal Security, Johari Bahrum, being involved in fee-for-freedom. What else is new?

Incommunicado Arrest normally practised in Communist countries or those draconian states has made its headway into Malaysia now. Just when Kofi Annan (former UN secretary-general) said Malaysia could do more at international stage.

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Reading: My Boss, Nathaniel Tan, Martyred by the Special Branch - John Lee (touching!)
Reading: Abdullah should intervene to “Free Nat Now” so that 50th Merdeka anniversary will not start off infamously - Lim Kit Siang
Reading: Nat Tan: Updates, questions and rant - Elizabeth Wong

With the increase in crimes committed by illegal foreigners or even locals, police stations rather handle a 27 year old guy moving him here and there (safer than handling those rough illegal foreigners).
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Blogger Chiwi said...

4 days???? WHAT FOR??? Writing a few words?? Did he even write it?? Did they arrest the guy that did???

15 July, 2007 15:27  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

hopefully everything will work out fine. the person who commented is out at large???

15 July, 2007 23:01  

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