Sunday, July 22, 2007

Political Arena in Malaysia

I do read a lot be it those hardcover books (definitely not Harry Potter and even if you wanted 4 major bookstores have gone on strike), websites (blogs inclusive) with good articles or even articles emailed to me. Some people asked me how do I get to know about so many events as posted in my blog, well, it's just plenty of readings. Where do I get the time? I just flip/browse through and get the main idea of it. Won't have the time lah if I were to read everything.

Following are interesting topics that may interest you. Click onto the relevant topic link and you'll get to read those articles in full:-

1) Anti-Discrimination Bill
In Indonesia, an Anti-Discrimination Bill was tabled amongst their lawmakers as they found that their original law on citizenship was deemed as highly discriminatory, not respecting human rights and gender-biased.

In this blog, the Indonesia's Anti-Discrimination Bill was compared with Malaysia's scenario. Wow, more eye opener that will deepen your knowledge in this area.

2) No Debate on Islamic State?
With the recent declaration by Malaysia's Deputy Prime Minister that Malaysia is still an Islamic state and not a secular state, all component political parties under Barisan Nasional or reaction from political parties and the public cannot be published especially the negative reactions. So, shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

But, DAP, an opposition party will be organising a forum to discuss on the matter itself. In this blog, you'll find out more on the forum's details.

3) Politics in Malaysia - Relevant for Christians?
How relevant is politics to Christians, whichever country you are in? Following reaction could be a fact in Malaysia:-

Politics seems to have no place in the Malaysian church. Mention politics among polite church company and you are likely to receive a host of negative reactions:
"Politicians! A corrupt and self-serving bunch."
"Dishonest lot! Manipulative and full of double-speak!"
"We see them only once every 5 years – election time."
"Never trust a politician!"

There are some Personal Reflection and Suggestions for Action listed in this blog that could help you to understand politics in a different perspective.
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Anonymous Bukan Bumi said...

Can you blame them? Most Malaysians (especially Christians)are scared of being labelled "atni-national", "anti-Islam", "Kuffr", etc. The smart ones are voting with their feet and heading for Australia. If you have a trade, professionan or business skills, speak good English, send a brief email about yourself & family to "" for a free assessment. I'm glad I left!

03 August, 2007 12:51  

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