Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Political News Update

People have heard that the mainstream media won't tell you the truth in their reporting as some news could be sensitive and could trigger unrest if it was published for everyone to read.

People nowadays have also heard that that blogs are the main place to go to in order to get the updated news on happenings around Malaysia. What the mainstream media can't report, the blogs could. The more they hide, the more the bloggers wanted to reveal to the public.

There is a blog directory, SOPO Sentral of Malaysia, available now listing as many socio-political Malaysian bloggers residing in Malaysia or overseas. You could see a A to Z listing therein.

As extracted:-
SoPo is a blog lingo to mean Socio-Political Blogs. This Blog is (an attempt to create) a Directory of Blogs on Society, Politics, and Economy of Malaysia. If your Blog is one, leave a note for up-dating.

I would say, bloggers listed therein are not against the gahmen but wanted a better nation.
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