Thursday, July 12, 2007

Released from Apostacy Rehab Centre

The Revathi Masoosai's case has been highlighted in this blog before. Just a short note, Revathi was sent to a Faith Rehabilitation Centre because she was born to an Indian-Muslim couple but was raised up in a Hindu family (grandmother's).

And when she went to proclaim that she was a Hindu and non-practising Muslim, she was sent to the rehab centre, husband left alone and their lone child was taken away from the husband and was passed to Revathi's parents. A family broken up just because of a religion.

Having been detained for 6 months at the rehab centre, she has been released now and the Syariah Court has sentenced her to be held under custody at her own parents' home and to continue the counselling. Why continue? An adult sentenced to be held by parents? A mother being treated like a baby? What about life with her husband?

Below are excerpts from few online news depicting her situation while being detained:-

* Woman freed from Islamic centre, court dismisses habeas corpus application - Sun2Surf
Later outside the courtroom, Revathi claimed the following took place at the centre:-
-not given medical attention when she was sick;
-no proper food and was also forced to consume beef;
-forced to wear headscarf;
-not allowed to meet her 18-month-old daughter Diviya Dharshini; and
-threatened her "thali" (saffron coloured woven thread or gold chain worn around the neck by Indian women who are married) would be removed and forced to embrace Islam.

* Malaysia woman freed after 180 days in detention for apostasy - Kyodo News
"It was torture in there," Revathi said. "They tried to force me to embrace Islam. They threatened that if I don't, I would never see my baby again. They threatened that they would send my baby to a welfare home." Throughout her six months in detention, she only saw her daughter once. Diviya Dharshini was still being breast-fed before her mother was taken away. She was reunited briefly with Revathi after the latter fell ill while in detention and was hospitalized. Revathi also said she was often served beef even though beef is prohibited for Hindus. She also said she was asked to wear the headscarf that is worn by Muslim women and told to attend religious classes. Revathi, however, remained defiant and often times she found herself locked in solitary confinement. "They say it is like a school, but it is actually a prison," she said of the rehabilitation center. "Because of their behavior, I loathe Islam even more. I wasted six months and yet I am still not allowed to leave the religion," she added.

Malaysian woman still insists she wants to be Hindu after 6 months in Islamic rehab
By Julia Zappei, Associated Press Writer
Revathi, 29, claimed officials at the center tried to make her pray as a Muslim, wear a head scarf and eat beef, but she refused."Because of their behavior, I loathe Islam even more now," she told reporters. "They say it's a school, but it's actually a prison."

But one local newspaper (gahmen owned) was trying to paint a different picture though .
Housewife Glad to be Back Home - New Straits Times
Where is MIC when you needed them??????
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

whats the difference between the malaysian muslim authorities and taliban?

why force someone who does not believe in your religion. breaking up a family in the name of religion?

what happened to the slogan "Islam Is Peace" ... yet forcing /threatening people.....

what happened to the Quranic verse "Lakkum Deenukkum Valiya Deen" .... authorities seem to be using only selected verses of the Quran which is convinient, and politically correct to them.....

12 July, 2007 16:20  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

let's pray for common sense to prevail

13 July, 2007 01:00  

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