Monday, July 16, 2007

Update on Nathaniel Tan's Arrest

Not many people will know about Nathaniel Tan. Neither do I until news about his arrest came about and from the reading about him in many blogs, it seems that he has this motto of service above self (was it the Interact Club's motto?).

It seems that Nathaniel Tan's arrest was pertaining to the Official Secrets Act but the clear reason was not establish. Reason was because he was linked to the anonymous website that exposed the so-called bribery involving the Deputy Home Affairs Minister, Johari Baharom. Johari was rumoured to have received RM5.5 million for the release of 3 Chinese suspects linked to the underworld. Anti-Corruption Agency has exonerated Johari Baharom of any link to such bribery.

If it was an anonymous website, how did the police linked it to Nathaniel Tan. If there's no further lead on his case, he should be released tomorrow. But I think Malaysia gahmen has created unnecessary media attention.

On what basis the police has acted to arrest Nathaniel? And he was arrested before any proof could be established. Is Malaysia moving backwards when this country is about to celebrate its 50 years of independence? I thought it was Sudan that was backwards but Malaysia seems to be catching up. Or maybe like the state of Malaysian football......spiralling downwards.

Following international organisations have called for actions to be taken:-
* The International Secretariat of the World Organisation Against Torture requests your URGENT intervention in the Nathaniel Tan situation in Malaysia

* Malaysia: Blogger Detained by Police - Global Voices Online

An online petition has been created in support of Nathaniel Tan at Release Blogger Nathaniel Tan of Please sign the petition.
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