Thursday, August 02, 2007

Malaysian Sports Association

The Malaysian's Cabinet has issued a directive to all Minsiters, Deputy Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries to quit and stop holding any office bearers' positions in any sports association/bodies.

It's about time such directive has been issued and should have been done some time back. I was calling for it too, maybe some top people read my blog.

But the sickening part was the comments made by some ministers when approached after being issued that directive:-
* the ban was to allow ministers to focus their whole attention on the administration of the Government
*we want to protect the ministers and their image

And the more sickening:-

* much of his time was taken up by official duties which prevent him from paying more attention to his role as presidents of the Kuala Lumpur Football Association and the Malay Football Association

* definitely a good move because we are always occupied with so many events and meetings that we seldom have the time to focus on sports associations

* I feel it would be irresponsible of me to just resign immediately

Some Cabinet minister knew they don't have the time but still held on to those top positions and some want to hold on still......... ego??? They have to be told to resign instead????

Certain remaining office bearers are now saying that with such political figures out of the picture, it's harded to source for sponsorships. See, I did mention this in my blog posting earlier. So it was true but what are the remaining office bearers doing all this while??? Can't they source for it? No contacts? The other thing is that some office bearers may want a cut from that sponsorship amount to be provided. That sort of deter private sectors from channelling their fund to sponsor such sports association. To some people, this is not corruption but everyone wins........ your product/service is advertised, the sport association gets sponsored, the private sector company's boss is now being praised and etc....

These office bearers are still not professional enough. And again we put it to them, if your sports association is churning out fantastic sportsmen/women, don't you think sponsors won't queue up in front of your office offering their funds. Look at Manchester United's sponsors, in order to be their sponsor, your company has to be a famous as well. It's the club that chooses, not the other way round.

I was very glad to hear that Marina Chin was appointed as the school head of Malaysia's national sports school, Bukit Jalil Sports School ("BJSS"). A tremendous effort in getting a former sports queen who knew what it takes to be a sports person and at the same time to cultivate discipline in getting their studies in order as well. But was surprised that she was the school head of my secondary school, Sultan Abdul Samad in Petaling Jaya, before going to BJSS.

For the sake of Malaysian's sports, please revamp with proper professional sports management involved.
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