Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Monkey Bloggers

After reading 2 other Malaysian blogs, Zorro-Unmasked and Malaysian Unplug, I don't know what made them said that the following bloggers have been monitored under a 'monkey bloggers watch-list':-

Lim Kit Siang, Jeff Ooi, Ahiruddin Attan, Anwar Ibrahim, Bakri Musa, Azly Rahman, Ong Hock Chuan, Husam Musa, Malik Imtiaz Sawar, Zainol Abideen ("Mahaguru58"), Ronnie Liu, Ruhanie Ahmad, Raja Petra Kamarudin, Marina Mahathir, Nuraina Samad, Hajjah Fuziah Salleh, Rustam Sani, Ahmad Zaki Yamani, Faisal Mustaffa, A.Kadir Jasin, Bernard Khoo ("Zorro"), Syed Shahrir, Dato Shahrir Abdul Samad, Shieh ("Kickdefella"), Haris Ibrahim, Kula Segaran, Imran Idris, Captain Yusuf Ahmad, Dr. Hsu Dar Ren, Husin Lempoyang, Hizami Iskandar, Susan Loone, Syed Imran ("Kuda Ranggi"), Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad, Nizam Bashir, Zaharin Mohd Yasin ("Sang Kelembai"), Annuar Mohd Nor, Ibnu Hakeem, Hishamuddin Rais, Amir Hafizi, Mohd Adib Nor, Nathaniel Tan, Zaharah Othman ("choc-a-blog"), Patrick Yeoh ("Niamah"), Fathi Aris Omar, Amin Yatim ("Cuit Sikit"), Khalid Jaafar, Amin Iskandar, Ahmad A. Talib ("Pahit Manis"), Pak Idrus ("In Passing -Malaysian"), Saari Sungib, etc.

These monkey bloggers did something that pissed UMNO or the government????

Maybe not as I think this group of social political bloggers are playing the same game as I'm playing - Viral Tags!!! Just trying to list each other's blog to improve page rank or technorati ranking...... hehehe!
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Anonymous Unspun (Ong Hock Chuan) said...

I hope you're wrong about the viral tags. But I too have wondered why, apart from myself, no other Malaysian blogger has questioned Malaysian Unplug, which first mentioned the Monkey bloggers list, where it came from.

09 August, 2007 00:46  
Blogger Calvin's Wife said...

(=_=)" really....

09 August, 2007 12:00  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

was jokin abt the viral tags..haha and i agreed with u, unspun, that it didnt lead us to the real source for the watch-list

09 August, 2007 15:38  
Anonymous Unspun said...

The real question here is why are these bloggers, who make a career of outing the truth and holding politicians to accountability without hesitation, so silent on this issue.

The possible answers:
1. Malysian Unplugged is a front for some of them.
2. Malaysian Unplugged is a dear friend
3. Kiasu - fear of being shown up to have been fooled
4. They all are so bent on attacking Khairy that they decide to ignore an inconvenient truth

Wonder what all this means for the socio-political bloggers?

10 August, 2007 23:24  
Anonymous Anthony said...

I see Unspun on a personal grudge ragainst Malaysian Unplug? I see him all over the blogsophere attacking Malaysian Unplug while other bloggers saw nothing in it.

Is Malaysian Unplug also from Taiping, Perak also as the blogger for Unspun is, that he has a personal grudge. Unspun is an Indonesian blog trying to stick its nose on Malaysian politics.

As a Malaysian, I read Malaysian Unplug blog every now and then and I also read on Unspun's accusation to check whether he is right or not. I saw nothing mischievious, Khairy already said Malaysian bloggers are monkeys and if I am corrrect, Malaysian Unplug did was to put names to those he knows as Malaysian socio-political bloggers. What's wrong with that? You mean to say the rest of the Malaysian bloggers are stupid not to see it or what.

13 August, 2007 11:52  
Anonymous Unspun said...

Anthony: I don't even know who Malaysian Unplugged is. Is he a Taiping boy as well? If he's from KE you might want to interpret it as old school rivalry.LOL.

There is such a thing as misleading perception through a juxtapositionin of facts. My contention is that a resonable person would tend it interpret the list as coming from Khairy. If so it gives people an incorrect perception of events.

Yes Khairy did call Malaysian bloggers monkeys and he should be criticised for that. But many people have read Unplugged's posting to suggest that Khairy came p with the list, and that is not correct or right.

Lt me use your own argument: you think all these bloggers, including epople like Zorro Unmasked who wer taken in by the juxtapositioning of facts stupid or have bad English?

At issue here is whether malaysian bloggers should apply the same standards of scrutiny on their own bloggers as they do the politicians . or are bloggers exempt from being scrupulous with the truth?

13 August, 2007 15:28  

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