Monday, August 20, 2007

Political Connections Cover-Up for Illegal Operations

A bogus Datuk has been identified as a party in duping several China nationals by promising Malaysian work permits but have gotten student visas instead. An education institute, licensed under the National Vocational Training Council could be used as a front in obtaining those student visas.

With such people in Malaysia, definitely the percentage of illegal foreign workers will continue to increase and crime rate will rise no matter how good is the police's plans going to be. If it's found to be true, this fella with a Datukship (a title bestowed by the state royalties) should be stripped off his title and banished to the interior part of Malaysia (whether got Datukship or not), away from everyone so that he will learn his lesson the hard way and a warning to those who are still doing it. I have heard of so many rumours of such modus operandi

Apparently as mentioned in the news, this fraudster has been identified as a branch leader of a Barisan Nasional component party in Negri Sembilan. Let me see, this fella should be a chinese and in that case only 2 component parties fit into this category - either MCA or Gerakan.

I'm sure this exposure is just a temporal thing and will be die down after a few days. If you are well connected in Malaysia, the law can't touch you at all. Lots of examples already.
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