Sunday, September 30, 2007

Burma's Predicament

Some Malaysians had mentioned why bothered with Myanmar or Burma when such ridiculous situation happened in the state of Terengganu, on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia lately.

Well, ours was one-off situation but the scenario in the land of Myanmar had been like this as long as I can remember. Aung San Su Kyi, a Nobel Prize winner and the famous opposition leader in Myanmar has been in house arrest (on and off) since 1989 even though the government has changed hands. This is bad compared to Malaysia.

I really respect the monks in Myanmar, revered by majority of the citizens who are generally Buddhist. They started the peaceful protest more than 12 days ago and the government saw that it was getting out of hand and they moved in causing deaths to civilians.

Listed below are some bloggers located in Myanmar who were trying to access the internet whatever ways they could as the government was cutting of all contacts from the world, yes, cutting internet and phone lines. Keeping every news from leaking out.

1) Dawn -
2) Prosaic Collector -
3) Unknown foreigner in Yangon -
4) News relating to Myanmar -
5) NGO -

As Myanmar is a member of ASEAN (comprise of countries located in South East Asia of which Malaysia is a member), what will ASEAN do? Just provide a statement will do?
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Blogger Bourgeois Nievete said...

I just found this article on Digg News as I was looking around for more articles to post on the Burma News Ladder:
I will post it onto the Ladder despite its date as it has yet more information and links with which people to connect.

Thanks you so much for posting about the oppression of the Buddhist monks and people of Burma in the true spirit of Jesus.

Please check out the Burma News Ladder. Join up and start posting articles to help build the Ladder stronger with each rung connecting.

Much blessing to you and a free Bumra.

24 October, 2007 00:23  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

thks for droppin in. well, killing ppl in disbanding the protest is way beyond any human doings

24 October, 2007 17:19  

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