Wednesday, September 05, 2007

China Military Attacks USA Pentagon

It's confirmed! China's military, People's Liberation Army ("PLA"), has breached / penetrated USA's Pentagon's defence. With all the Patriot missiles placed all over USA, it was still not enough.

China's PLA might had a better plan after all. Since the land, air and water have been monitored well by USA, China's military did something else.

They penetrated Pentagon via the internet ....... hehehehe. Thought that USA was very good with cyber security. This happened 2 months back and the Pentagon was a bit shameful to release this news earlier, right? As the Pentagon found out a bit too late, they had to shut down their server and trying to determine how much data was downloaded by those hackers.

Not only that, China's PLA did a similar entry into Germany's government computers. Wow! Nobody expected that the Chinese hackers could have performed such a stint. Hackers in USA would be in high demand now and I'm sure Pentagon will hunt down such capable hackers in a tit-for-tat.

Reading: Chinese military hacked into Pentagon - Financial Times
Reading: China hacked into Pentagon computer network - Yahoo News! via AFP

After reading the above, learnt of a new term now - cyber espionage! So, James Bond is irrelevant now.

Just imagine, if such countries' computers could be hacked into, what about ours? I always have this feeling that the owners of anti-virus and hacker prevention softwares belonged to virus originators and hackers respectively.
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