Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Abuse of Power in Malaysia Too

In Malaysia, the abuse of power took a different direction as compared to Myanmar's current situation. In the recent released Auditor-General 2006 Report, an item was brought up relating to the abuses of power and irregularities into the purchase of 6 Offshore Patrol Vessels ("OPV")where the Malaysian Ministry of Defence was supposed to have received delivery of the 6 OPV at an amount of RM6.75 million, which are still not operational or undelivered.

Reports have been filed at the Anti-Corruption Agency to investigate on those figures for that deal and the best part of all - certain relevant documents for the said transaction have been destroyed!

Now, who ordered for those documents to be destroyed? Getting more interesting.
Tags: Abuse of Power, Anti-Corruption Agency, Offshore Patrol Vessels, Ministry of Defence, Auditor-General



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