Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Further Abuse of Power in Myanmar

With the recent upheaval in Myanmar / Burma, many monks or people who opposed the present government have been caught and sent to jails. Myanmar bloggers have blogged about certain scenarios but the latest report from a senior Burmese intelligence official - who claimed that thousands are dead by now, with many monasteries being empty now.

Where did the monks go? In hiding? True that some went into hiding where the remaining have been brought to existing jails or makeshift jails. The intelligence official who broke the news said that he was instructed to bring in monks from certain monasteries and he went MIA after that knowing that the monks would be killed and he doesn't want to be part of that black history.

The United Nation envoy, Ibrahim Gambari, who was supposed to meet the army generals on the upheaval was somehow ferried on a government-sponsored trip to Lashio which is almost 400km northeast of the capital city for an apparent workshop on EU-Asian relations. You call that a smart move? Bought over? Really waste of time/money in sending this buffalo envoy over there.
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