Monday, November 05, 2007

Sultan of Brunei's Lavish Lifestyle

In a court case involving the Brunei Investment Authority being on trial at London, documents on the Sultan of Brunei's expenses were submitted to the Privy of Council.

Following gifts / expenses were noted:-
* US$100,000 (€70,630 ) on guards for the exotic birds cages at the palace;
* US$2.57m (€1.82m) for masseuses and acupuncturists;
* US$14.96m (€10.57m) for a house supervisor in Singapore;
* US$13.5m (€9.5m) for a second house supervisor; * US$2.6m (€1.8m) for a badminton coach; and
* US$12m (€8.5m) for each of his five public relations officers.

When a few of my colleagues read about this, we were choosing the various jobs that we could fit in. I chose to be the house supervisor in Singapore as the Sultan travels widely and he's seldom in Singapore. Therefore, the whole house is yours when he's not around. And how tiring or hard is a house supervisor's job.

Another colleague chose to be a guard for the exotic birds cages at the palace. But we said it's very risky because if the bird was to die, you will die as well. My colleague pointed to the words again - exotic birds "cages". Not a guard for the birds but the cage itself. How hard can the job be? In that case, I don't think the bird can afford to shit inside that cage then.

Reading: Counting the cost of $8bn lavish lifestyle -
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Anonymous Gloria said...

Ok, so I'll apply for the position of his third wife and get a huge slice of the fortune. Where do I send in my resume?

At least he is waaaay more handsome than the Crown Prince. Much, much more!

06 November, 2007 23:50  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

send to me first. i'll assess it b4 passing it to him when he comes to singapore (don't forget i'm the house supervisor). third wife has to stay in singapore...hehe

07 November, 2007 01:45  

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