Friday, December 07, 2007

Hindraf Linked to Terrorists

The Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan has mentioned that Hindraf was of late trying to get supports from terror groups. He was also quoted in saying that Hindraf was trying to rope in gangsters to prevent local authorities from demolishing illegal temples in the near future. This is not what Malaysians wanted. You can demand for your rights but through the right channel (which includes peaceful public rally) and must be peaceful too.

From a supposedly glorifying demonstration held on 25 Nov 2007 where Hindraf was meant to fight for the Malaysian Indians' plight and more benefits, the issue now - was Hindraf the right organisation to represent the Indians after all.

No doubt the political parties on both sides of the fence would claim that they are the ones who should champion for the Indians' plight. Hindraf's tainted name due to reports published in local newspapers is now a bane to the Malaysian society.

The Malaysian Prime Minister did voice out this time stating that the genocide claim by Hindraf went overboard. As a Malaysian citizen, I could say that no genocide has happened on the Malaysian Indian race.

Will Hindraf care to explain those allegations by the police? Is the police force telling the truth? Or are the locals newspapers being used to spread false claims as well?

Reading: Leader of Indian group can't rule out violence - Electric New Paper
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Anonymous Sad Malaysian said...

Its a pure coverup laa... the goverment have no other proof or alegation other then 2 points 1.) Sediction Act - Hasut the rakyat this and that 2.) Terrorist - simple and clean to divert the rakyats mind that HINDRAF is a malayia version of Al-Qaeda.

See our so call Goverment.. "Pandai nyeaa"

Only solution = Next coming general Election !
If our citizen still vote for this current goverment then i have to say please run away from this country lah.. Uncle Lah will hunt you.. "if u speak the truth"

12 December, 2007 10:16  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

the government just have to play smart at this point of time. no doubt certain element of the people will try to disrupt peace and thus caused the country to be in chaos and then blame the current govt of bad handling of the situation.

on the other hand, the current govt cld be playing games where they try to divert the attention elsewhere and hoping that the people will forget abt those altantuya murder, corrupted issues at port klang zone & auditors' general report on govt ministries and questionable judiciary appointments.

will the govt explain all this transparently?

12 December, 2007 22:05  

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