Thursday, April 24, 2008

MCA People Involved in Ipoh Land Scam?

Milk has spilled all over in Ipoh where MCA members have been alleged to have caused some lands to be apportioned to their favour and later tried to sell part of the land to a soya sauce factory owner who has been occupying that particular piece of land. The soya sauce factory owner has submitted an application earlier and was told to re-submit again due to such changes.

Imagine that the soya sauce factory has been occupying that piece of land for last 53 years and couldn't get it registered in their name but it could be done for others in a jiff ?????? I also understood that MCA has once called for rent seekers to stay out and don't be traitors to Malaysians.

Now, an independent "Save MCA" pro-tem committee has called for further investigations on such news. The committee said that they would report to the Anti-Corruption Agency ("ACA") if nothing was explained within next 14 days.

I'm sure our daily newspapers are being read by everyone in Malaysia and surely the ACA would be doing so. If that's the case, ACA need no report from this committee as they could go ahead to check the records at the Ipoh land office first. Why wait? If ACA wants to go independent, they need no prompting from the public or government any further. Just do it! (no, this blog posting was not sponsored by Nike).

On another related piece of news, DAP would be spearheading a team that would bust graft or corruption or bribe (whatever you call it). The team comprise Tony Pua (member of parliament for Petaling Jaya Utara), Gobind Singh Deo (Puchong), Lim Lip Eng (Segambut) and Lau Weng San who is Kampung Tunku state assemblyman.

They welcomed any complaints against the opposition ruled states too. If you know of any graft or corruption or bribe that are taking place or has taken place or will be happening any time now, send in your information to and c.c. me (hehehehe, so I can post it here also but not compulsory lah. On the other hand, better not. just in case your stuff is related to Official Secrets Act).

Reading: MCA man wants party to probe Ipoh land deal - Star
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