Sunday, April 20, 2008

Piggy Issue Getting Politicised

The issue of a centralised pig farming project has de-generated into a political issue right now. First, the Selangor state government (ruled by the Pakatan Rakyat opposition team) publicised that they would be giving green light for the setting up of the said project.

Then protest was seemed to be serious when a group of Malaysian citizens voiced their concerns and objected to the setting up of it.

Subsequently, local mainstream media played a part in it (biased reporting again and Malaysians with intelligence could see the ploy by local mainstream media). The local mainstream media highlighted the issue at front page and put it in a way that the Selangor state government was approving something that could offend the malay race. To me, they were playing up the racial sentiment. Ban those newspapers!

Then some Malaysian citizens (heard that they were paid to do so) carrying the Barisan Nasional flags were seen holding up placards to object on the said project. Even the Malacca's Chief Minister, Mohd Ali Rustam, joined the fray condemning the said project in his personal blog. Upon that blog posting being made known to many Malaysians, that particular blog posting exploded immediately.

His blog entry entitled "This pig farm is the present to the voters" caused a number of blog comments which ridiculed the blog posting. Subsequent blog readers who wanted to comment were unable to do so as the comment button was removed. He doesn't want to listen to blog readers' rubbish anymore. First time blogger himself and he wasn't advised that a screenshot could be taken to allow others readers to continue with the reading of those true comments.

Many ruling party members did address bloggers as monkeys before the election but somehow it has caught on with the government now. Ruling party's politicians are jumping into the bandwagon now to tell their side of the story, yeah in blogs too. Unfortunately this Malacca Chief Minister 'fell flat on his face'. Zorro Unmasked said it correctly - Don't blog if you cannot follow baisc rules!

Mohd Ali Rustam said that the Selangor state government under opposition ruling was up to no good in approving that project but didn't do his basic homework that it was his comrade, Khir Toyo's previous government, that has approved the project earlier. The public wants Khir Toyo to recall his memory now instead of saying 'I don't know' anymore. That's a typical government servant response, agree? Some people said that you knew about this centralised pig farm project.

And one of those guys behind the Malaysian citizens objection and protest was a Selangor state assemblyman, Dr Karim Mansor, who has low memory or maybe losing it. He was one of those guys that went under Selangor's government's sponsorship to source for a high technology way to rear pigs in a clean environment all way in Germany.

Good thing for a thing called camera that took the picture on the left with him showing a 'thumbs up'. Maybe he said that his trip was excellent not the pig farm ....... hehe

So, the Pakatan Rakyat wanted to remind those protestors with this banner which showed Dr Karim Mansor approving the said pig farm project.

We want to thank Lee Hwa Beng, MCA guy, for exposing Dr Karim Mansor.

And for those politicians who were trying to reap some political mileage in this protest, please do read this article - Pig farms bloom in Muslim Morocco.
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