Saturday, May 24, 2008

BN Government Changes Tune After Political Tsunami

Prior to the 12th general election, the government governed by the ruling coalition party of Barisan Nasional couldn't care less about the increasing cost of living on common folks like me and you.

Then, they kept proposing increase in toll rates on highways. When common folks asked them to buy over those highways that were privatised earlier, the government said that it was too expensive to compensate the highway operators. The tune from the Works Ministry was so different prior to the general election.

On 8 March 2008, a political tsunami happened where the ruling government lost terribly and 5+1 states to the oppositions.

After the general election, the ruling government has changed their tune.

Now they are telling us that the toll rates will be reviewed. Last time they said that toll rates were already fixed according to those toll agreements (cannot be publicised as the documents are Official Secrets Act) and must increase every 2-3 years. Now, they came back telling us that if there was a high traffic on those highways, the increase in toll rates could averted.

Reading: Ministry's study on highway concessions may see lower rates - Star

Lately, they are telling us that the government is also reviewing options to take over those highway concessionaires to lessen the toll burden on common folks. Now, this is the government that we want which is to protect the common folks and not rule with dictatorship style. By the way, the compensation for the highway concessionaires have gone down to a lower amount?

They are trying to win the common folks' hearts right now and hopefully to win those lost votes in 2013 (the next general election to be held). If they were trying to please our hearts now after the general election, whose hearts were the ruling government trying to please prior to the general election?

Reading: Govt may take over highways - The Edge Daily
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

they have to do something to save their ass. even now sabah and sarawak will be able to buy oil at the same price as us.

as for the toll, samy vellu has already eaten enough to last him for the next 10 decades. and number of cars piling up the road, seems that this first quarter, car sales increased 50k cars more tahn the same period last year. too many usage on the road force them to make this decision. and pak lah and co. need to do something urgently before he loses his seat as PM

26 May, 2008 09:35  
Anonymous 3POINT8 said... long as the thing they do is beneficial to the public, I have no complains.

26 May, 2008 17:54  
Blogger Buzzing J said...

At the very least, they are doing something now, they are "listening" and "responding" to the people. How are they going to justify the different rationale now and then, in a dignify way, will be interesting, that is, if they care to justify.

26 May, 2008 18:51  
Blogger ~YM~ said...

haha..well, if they keep doing so, it gives me the idea of keep voting for the opposition, then we get even better treatment!! :P

lets hope they do better for the next 50 years at least, and not just until they get their 2/3 majority back.

27 May, 2008 06:31  
Blogger SHALOM said...

latest news.. Datuk Ronald Kiandee reject the motion on the proposal to set up the Royal Commision of Inquiry on ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS in sabah..why..we ask him...if he dont give reasonable answer.. we must kick him from..SABAH...

27 May, 2008 08:12  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

blowfly - definitely traffic is causing problems for everyone even though we are paying tolls. tolls are erected just for a certain portion of the highway and don't guarantee traffic free further down the road. what an absurd

3.8 - not just plan to do it but to execute it with proper order

buzzing - totally agree with u

ym - good idea. it's the check and balance effect that's taking place

shalom - i really wonder why also

28 May, 2008 14:21  
Blogger Falcon said...

The takut d...thats

01 June, 2008 17:29  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

yeah, even non-politicians like us do understand what's goin on

01 June, 2008 22:30  

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