Monday, May 05, 2008

Genetically Modified Mosquitoes

I knew what is a mosquitoe but a genetically modified mosquitoes? Sounds like those sci-fi movie terms where a mutated flying monster would roam around the city looking to tear some humans apart.

Malaysia's Centre for Environment Technology and Development, in collaboration with would be releasing this superbly designed mosquitoe into the wild to test its effectiveness. Our warrior mosquitoe would go against the pure breed mosquitoe in the wilderness. I wonder how many were they releasing into the wilderness, one against a million of the pure breed?

The Malaysian government, in particular the Ministry of Health, was hoping that this could-be mutated mosquitoe would be able to shoot down those pure breed mosquitoes. How in the world is this could-be mutated mosquitoe going to differentiate between a modified fella and a genuine insect? They have pre-set targets? Moreover, it would have to mate with a female mosquitoe in order to destroy the larvae in the female mosquitoe.

Reason for producing such modified mosquitoe was to fight against the malaria or aedes caused by mosquitoes. For Malaysians living in Ketam Island, you would be the first to sight such Malaysian invention as it would be released there first. Lots of dengue cases there?

Just when you wanted to shoot the Malaysian government, two other countries would be doing the same thing. England and USA, are going to war too by producing the best genetically modified mosquitos to fight against the pure breed / real mosquitoes in various parts of the world. The war will come but amongst the insects. How effective would this be?

Next question, would our warrior mosquitoe mutate on its own? Would it go berserk like those seen in movies? What if it attacks human being? How do we control it or we didn't prepare for any such consequences?

England would be way ahead in this scientific research as they would be releasing one million GM mosquitoes into the wild. The mad scientists from the well-known Imperial College London believed that this one million GM mosquitoes would be able to wipe off millions of pure breed mosquitoes.

In USA, mad scientists from the renowned Johns Hopkins University found out that GM mosquitoes bred faster than pure breed mosquitoes. In time to come in the wilderness, it would outnumber the pure breed kind. And then the world would be filled with those crazy modified mosquitoes. What would it bite if there were no more pure breed mosquitoes?

Reading: Scientists create GM mosquitoes to fight malaria and save thousands of lives - Guardian UK
Reading: Genetically engineered mosquito resistant to malaria - Cosmos Magazine

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Blogger EliteVillain said...

-_- i think it is a wise move? A lot of dengue cases but still not reducing so this move will help us i u said probably will go berserk -.-" don't scare me

06 May, 2008 13:56  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

then u'll get to watch the "evil resident movie sequel" happening everywhere ..... hehehe

07 May, 2008 00:13  
Blogger EliteVillain said...

lol no kidding that could happen then we need new antibody :P

fight malaria or dengue why don't we just spray ourself ? Bring the aerosol with us when go out lar now come with small bottle :P kidding

07 May, 2008 01:13  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

not everyone can afford insect spray

09 May, 2008 12:27  
Blogger Cyren Z. Wong said...

Ola nuffnanger!

If this is true,
it has to be one of the stupidest steps taken by the government. We should never try to tamper with nature like that...the whole ecosystem could go kaput because of that one insect!

20 June, 2008 23:51  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

we won't also. they can proceed without us knowing and then claimed that expenses have been incurred later on.

21 June, 2008 00:14  

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