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Grand Saga vs Bandar Mahkota Cheras

I'm sure many KLites would have heard of this dispute between Grand Saga Sdn Bhd (toll operator of the Cheras-Kajang highway) and the residents living in Bandar Mahkota Cheras area for the past weeks. Things are getting uglier if the government, who is trying very hard to solve the issue very slowly, delays in resolving the right of way for the road users or the toll operator for just one stupid road connection.

The residents living in Bandar Mahkota Cheras could travel to the city centre via two major highways, either the Cheras-Kajang highway or the KL-Seremban highway. The former is definitely much nearer.

For them to reach the Cheras-Kajang highway, there are two roads leading to it. As seen on the map, one via the red coloured road and the other is the yellow coloured road. If the residents were to use the yellow coloured road, they wouldn't have to pay toll as the road would lead them out of their garden area just right after the toll.

The issue is the toll operator went and laid big unmovable barriers (then) to block the access road that would lead road users right after the toll, thus skipping the toll plaza. That was like almost few years ago (not too sure on the exact years, maybe five).

In putting up the barriers, motorists were forced to be directed to a longer route that would lead them to the Cheras-Kajang highway, just before the toll. Hence, need to pay toll. Smart toll operator as they are very good in business strategy planning.

One fine day in April 2008, the residents asked the Selangor state government, currently ruled by the People's Alliance or Pakatan Rakyat, to remove the barriers. The toll operator reminded that the access road was under the federal government's jurisdiction and not the state government. Now the buck has been passed to the Land Surveyor department to decide who has the final say on the road.

Grand Saga told the state government that if they wanted to be remembered as the hero for the residents there, please pay up RM200 million as compensation for loss of future toll collections. What kind of nonsense is this? Was there a clause in the toll operation agreement that no road access could be linked right after the toll? Grand Saga said they have the right to place the barriers there.

While waiting for them, the residents protested angrily and hired cranes to remove the barriers on 21 April. Wow, very bold move. Bravo! Fight for your rights but now they are taking the laws into their own hands. It was a big hoo-haa that few days in that area. The moment the barriers were removed, that road access was deluged with numerous motorists from all over (don't know where they came from also).

The road access has road junction and when the police came to monitor the situation, the police deemed it dangerous for the road access to be opened and thus, the police blocked the road access and disallowed motorists from using it.

Of course, protest again and again and the residents were too many and bad traffic jam started to occur. No choice but to re-open the road again.

The residents were having road vigils day in day out, night in night out (hehehehe) just to ensure the toll operator doesn't sneak in with their own machineries to lay the barrier again.

After many days waiting for the federal government to decide who has the right of way, the toll operator has decided that enough is enough - "we are losing tons of income due to the opening of that road access. since both state and federal governments haven't decided, we close it first till further instructions".

Out they went to close that road access with barriers again. SMS messages and phone calls were made amongst the residents there and 500 came face to face with the toll operators' people.

But the Federal Reserve Unit ("FRU") also got the sms message and they went in truck loads. Now, all came face to face and anger prompted some commotions till the FRU was forced into action.

Grand Saga went ahead to place the barriers again giving one very good reason for the good of the Bandar Bukit Mahkota residents - your safety lah! To me, it's just bullshit. If you cared for the residents, place a traffic light system there now. Place some personnels to man the road junction if deemed unsafe. It's actually to safeguard more of the toll collection.

So, the FRU and police were there to ensure that Grand Saga gets to place the barriers without interruptions from the resident??????? That's the question being posted by another blogger, Mahaguru (picture with FRU taken from his blog posting).

I'm sorry lah. I tried to give the benefit of doubt to Grand Saga but seemed to be unable to do so. Conscience led me to say this:-
* Somebody is behind this whole saga /event that could influence all this and allowing the barriers to be there for few years with no outcome on the right of way all these years. Why?
* Why can't someone sit right in front of the map / drawings to decide once and for all few years back? Why only now?
* Why did Grand Saga force its way to place the barrier again? The real reason please.

You tell me!

Reading: For Whom The Road Tolls - Berita Malaysia

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Blogger Ah said...

Did the h'way come 1st or the 'access road'? If the highway came 1st, then no question, the residents should stick to their KL-Seremban route or pay the Grand Saga toll (like every body else). As for the developer's claim of short distance as justification to persist, this is for the developer to answer not Grand Saga (developer misled since eventually unable to kau tim with Grand Saga).

11 May, 2008 01:18  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This polis are useless bums. In fact I saw them bullying chinese and indians for no reasons. I also took some pics of polis asking for bribes in massage parlours which I frequent. They just went to the SPA and ask football money from the SPA massage owner. So useless is the polis. They are good in getting bribes but ask them to just catch a killer or rapist, or just keep the neighbourhood from crimes then they are more useless then a baby sitter. I took some pics from my hphone camera of polis accepting bribes in massage parlours in cheras and sungai long and will be posting it on the web soon. Any of you interest in download the pics please contact me at 012-369 1850

11 May, 2008 02:01  
Anonymous Melayu UK said...

Hi, I used to live in Bandar Mahkota Cheras from 2003 until August 2006 before I migrated to the UK. I would like to suggest Bandar Mahkota Cheras Residents Association to sue Grand Saga for the 'grievances' that they have caused the residents when they put up the concrete barriers in 2005. Bandar Sungai Long dwellers can also take part in this suit as the Grand Saga act has affected them and they deserve some compensation too. Maybe this is the right time for the Bandar Mahkota Cheras residents to start a RM 1 (one ringgit) donation drive to collect money to appoint a lawyer and file this case in the Selangor state magistrate court.

Melayu UK

11 May, 2008 02:21  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks johnny for teh post. i havent been reading the follow ups and its pretty handy to read it here.

my POV, i dun think the residents shud be charged to get to their houses. its pretty rediculous.

even if the access road came later than the highway, shouldnt the residents have a right to the access road?

its also pretty unfair to justify that if the highway came first then all residents shud comply to the highway instead of the access road. does this mean the residents in BMC have to pay just go get to their houses? logically speaking, its not right, and a day light robbery. yes, the highway serve its purpose, but it does not serve the residents there their purpose.

if you can travel in a shorter distance and save up alot of fuel / cash at hand... why not? im sure the toll is NOT serving a loss with the heavy traffic heading towards KL everyday. its time for Grand Saga to think of the people instead of their own pockets (lol. i doubt so)

12 May, 2008 11:59  
Blogger RottieBoy said...

This whole episode just goes to show how useless our government really is!!

I mean have you seen the parliament broadcast? 3/4 of the malay MP can't even speak properly & they waste soo much time bickering vs discussing issues, in fact its basically a bunch of coffee-shop talk by "boys" in suits who cant even discuss things rationally

28 May, 2008 11:49  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

have you guys read the newspaper today. there are actually thus this time around the new barrier, and they beat up any residents that they saw near to it regardless of whether they are just passing by, spetactor or protestor. this is just saddening. how can thugs be involving in this? who employed them, they can be beating up people for free right? what is the police doing? they are always there the previous free time, how come they are not there this time, coincidental? this is all too puzzling? is it going to ever end or there is a bigger conspiracy behind all this..

28 May, 2008 15:05  
Anonymous estee in UAE said...

The police wore plain clothes to beat up the residents

30 May, 2008 04:31  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

ah - somehow the developer's plan for that road came first b4 grand saga's mega project. but when it came to construction, the grand saga road was built first.

anonymous - if u have those photos u can email me then so that i cld post it up in the blog

melayu uk - bmc residents can only sue their own housing developer, the lion grp, for not providing an accessible road. they can't sue grand saga as they have no privy rights to do so

blowfly - we want to see the federal govt hold to their truth - that the federal govt is there for the people. wonder when will this be done?

rottieboy - u see, politicians need not hold masters or doctorate degrees to sit in parliament. they are not professional administrators or pure politicians with the citizens at their hearats but sadly, many are opportunists too

guna - thugs, who were they representing? those thugs agreed to have the toll there? weird isn't it?

estee - that's the biggest question. who are those thugs?

30 May, 2008 16:57  

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