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I Support the BMC Saga

On Tuesday's wee hours of the morning (Monday midnight), Grand Saga Sdn Bhd, the toll concessionaire went against the people's wishes by erecting another barrier on the access road to stop people from using a road which will bypass their toll. This was the fourth time in doing so because the residents kept dismantling those barriers. I salute the residents!

Just for the sake of mere profits, this is what a so-called Malaysian company can do to Malaysian citizens - "The citizens are suffering? That's their problems as long as we earn our profits."

In their mindset, Grand Saga Sdn Bhd's Board of Directors will go against the residents staying in Bandar Mahkota Cheras ("BMC") at all cost. This time, the barrier was made of boulders, not just simple barricades anymore. It is even taller than a human being.

Where is their corporate social responsibility ("CSR")? Guess that they don't have this CSR in their company's plans at all. Get as much profits as possible at all cost should be their main motto.

The residents didn't like it when they found out early in the morning while going to work on Tuesday morning. The residents gathered again at the barricaded access road.

Grand Saga Sdn Bhd erected the barriers on purpose as it was contempt of court. The toll concessionaire did agree in court not to barricade the access road till the court case is settled. Told you that they couldn't be bothered with the laws of the country as it was at all cost for that profit $$$$$$.

When the residents tried to remove those boulders, there were people who had various weapons in their hands shouting at the residents who tried to dismantle the barriers. Many people who witness the incident labelled those fellas as thugs as they were daring the residents to go against them. Who are they?

People said that they were hired by Grand Saga Sdn Bhd to protect the barriers but Grand Saga Sdn Bhd's Executive Director, Zainal Abidin Ali, has denied such inhuman thing. Do you trust them anymore after all this saga? Or were they policemen in plainclothes? Does the police need to resort to such bullying tactics to keep the barriers intact for Grand Saga Sdn Bhd? Grand Saga Sdn Bhd has something in store for the police for such superb civilian service? But the police has also denied being involved.

Another piece of news was that Zainal Abidin Ali was the former police chief in Dang Wangi. Many questions indeed.

Then who were these thugs? Why were there people who were sooooooooooooo supportive of the barriers? These thugs were so happy paying those tolls that they prevented the BMC residents from dismantling the barriers? Residents gathering there saw this group of men arriving in two cars and five motorbikes.

When these men or thugs held on to helmets and pipes challenging the BMC residents, the police were nowhere to be seen. Ain't it co-incidental?

On Wednesday night, an unfortunate guy by the name of Chang Jiun Haur drove to the controversial spot to take a look. Somehow, somehow lah, he panicked when there were too many commotions and the riot police surrounded the area out of a sudden. Chang was said to have knocked into one riot police who reacted in dragging him and his three other passengers out of the car. (the 2nd / 3rd pictures were taken from China Press)

Riot police was there to prevent any unwanted situation but they started a riot themselves. They pulled him into a corner and batons rained on him. How much should we trust our police? He just wanted to see what was really happening at this place and they drove to that spot to feel for themselves. What happened after that was terrifying and it holds some truth to what was witnessed by another lady in True Account at Bandar Mahkota Cheras.

On Thursday, the 'fire' in the BMC residents have not died. They were there again. The residents again with whatever tools tried their very best in dismantling the barriers. By evening, an opening was large enough for a car to pass through.

The residents, comprise of Malays, Chinese, Indians and others were cheering loudly when the first car went through the barriers.

This motivated the BMC residents even more and they continued to pull away the giant boulders. Heavy vehicles were used to pull those boulders away and by 10pm, Thursday night, the last boulder was removed and the road was accessible again by all.

During the removal of all this boulders, police were there and they actually allowed the BMC residents to do what they wanted, which is to have their road back. The BMC residents even carried a police chief on thier shoulders when the police said that Grand Saga Sdn Bhd would not be permitted to erect the barriers again.

All this while, the Transport Minister, Ong Tee Keat, tried not get involved in this saga. But when he opened his mouth he did mention that there were secret society members involved in the fracas where a number of people (residents and reporters) were injured. Did he mean that those thugs were secret society members or there were BMC resident who were secret society members?

It seems that Ong (no relation to me at all) has been criticised for keeping mum on certain issues especially on what gave Grand Saga Sdn Bhd the boldness to go ahead with the erection of the barricades when the court didn't say they could do it.

Anyway, the police has mentioned that actions would be taken against those that had run foul of the country's laws (under police's jurisdiction of course). The police said they will hunt for those whose pictures have appeared in newspapers that had caused unrest. Bravo!

I want to give praise to the police for this step. And they were quite fast with that too. The police has announced that they have started their investigation on four persons and this four were inclusive of Chang Jiun Haur and his three passengers. The investigation file being opened is for attempted murder of policemen! Keep it up policemen! (with pun intended of course)

But I did enjoy the comparison made between the history of Berlin Wall with our BMC Wall in a blog.

All this happened because a toll concessionaire company do not want to earn lesser amount due lesser traffic from a particular residential area of 38,000 people.

The toll that these 38,000 people were trying to avoid to pay is RM0.90 per trip. Let's say that they do a return trip daily for a month and that works out to 38,000 x 0.90 x 2 x 30 = RM2,052,000 per month. Quite a lot to me lah but to a company who has been collecting millions and enjoying hefty profits, greed got into them and even RM2 million must not be let off.
Reading: Night of violence at the Cheras barricade - Malay Mail

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Blogger acura said...

I respect the residents of BMC who fight for their rights even though they are threaten by thugs & beaten by FRU

31 May, 2008 17:30  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

all they want is just a road but they were forced to pay to use another road, who wouldn't be mad

01 June, 2008 22:32  
Blogger ~YM~ said...

haiz, i was a supporter of BN)MCA esp) but they have been disappointing me over and over again. Secret society members? No time to do such things la, they got more profitable stuff than that. They look more like Mat Rempits or any cheap thugs good at nothing.

Funny no one thought of blowing up the barricade with explosives..keke.. jz kidding, it'll destroy the road anyway.. :P

04 June, 2008 00:28  

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