Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Confirmed! Petrol Price @ RM2.70 TONIGHT!

* Latest news -
Petrol - RM2.70 per litre effective 12.00 AM 5 MAY 2008
Diesel - RM2.50 per litre
(Malaysiakini - Petrol naik 78 sen, diesel 92 sen)

At 4pm, I received the news that it will be RM2.70 but to be effected in August 2008. At time of announcement, the whole thing changed!

News leaked out that the following issues are being considered by cabinet now:-

* Bayaran tunai secara langsung kepada pengguna motosikal dan kereta kecil apabila harga minyak meningkat. Wang itu akan dibayar melalui wang pos. (in english - direct cash payment to motorcycle and small car users when fuel price increases. Payment will be done via postal orders)

This is really huge but to implement this method will usurp months of manpower. Definitely you have to register your bike or small car with some nominated agencies, then proper/correct postal address have to be ascertained and the post office better ensure that the postal orders do not get lost somewhere along the way. If it was not delivered, what's the recourse for those bike or small car owners. Lots of questions to be answered and it's not that simple as you have read it. Very ideal but ............

* Tiada peningkatan harga gas memasak dan gas untuk kegunaan teksi.
(no increase in cooking gas prices and gas used for taxi)

this is reasonable and housewives don't need to rush to store up those gas tanks for future use. Gas for taxi will be maintained and therefore, taxi fare should be maintained too. Then how do you pacify those taxi owners running on petrol?

* Subsidi gas untuk sektor industri penjanaan tenaga akan dikurangkan perlahan-lahan.
(Gas subsidies for power generation industry will be decrease accordinly over a period of time)

Independent Power Producers ("IPP") could be hit in this scenario. Thus, the national electricity company would have to purchase power from the IPP at a higher cost.

* Tenaga Nasional Bhd dibenarkan menaikkan tarif elektrik, kecuali di Sabah dan Sarawak.
(The national electricity company is allowed to increase their electricity tariff for whole of Malaysia except for Sabah and Sarawak)

So, people like with a new house coming up coupled with those intended downlights and air-conds all over will die for sure. Scaling down is for sure to reduce the electricity bill.

* Cukai tambahan ke atas pengeluar tenaga independen dan pengilang minyak sawit.
(Additional taxes on IPP and oil palm producers)

The same reaction as above as cost to purchase power from IPP will be higher by then. Maybe even cooking oil too. It's not the fuel price that we are worried about but the overall effect (or domino effect).

Reading: New subsidies only for poor - BeritaMalaysia

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