Wednesday, June 04, 2008

New Electricity Tariff in Malaysia

Just when every single Malaysian is trying to cope with the shocking fuel price as announced by the cabinet, the news on new electricity tariff (Malaysiakini - Tarif elektrik naik mulai 1 Julai) has caught everyone dumbfounded.

It has to be announced on the same day (by the Prime Minister's Department).

For the first 200 kW of usage, it's still status quo but if your electricity usage is beyond the first 200 kW, be prepared - it will be a 19.4% increase on its tariff. Which means to say I'm affected too.

What next?

Come on, tell all now!

The best thing is Tenaga Nasional Berhad, the company that operates the national electricity provider is still earning huge revenues / profits handsomely annually. What's the rationale for increasing the tariff then?

In the last one week, following goods and services will see hefty price increase:-

* Chicken - government has decided to abolish the ceiling price of RM6 per kilo. Be prepared to pay through your nose for your favourite chicken rice.

* Express bus - government has decided to allow bus companies to operate without following fixed fares. Your 'balik kampung' (going back to home town) will be as high as ........... ah ......... dunno lah because no more fixed fares. The 'bus sapu' (illegal buses that operates during peak season) will be operating on an even higher fare for sure.

For parents with school-going kids, the school bus fares - 101% will double up too.

* RapidKL & Rapid Penang - government has decided to remove subsidies for providing public transportation in the city. Don't forget that the Kelana Jaya Rail Line (formerly known as Putra) and Ampang Rail Line (formerly known as LRT) are being operated by RapidKL too. If you think that you won't be affected by the fuel price increase because you don't drive to work or don't own a car, think twice now.

As for my new house's renovation plan, it will be badly affected as cement pricing will be transacted at market price. Yeah, not a price controlled item anymore as the government has also decided to abolish the ceiling price for it with effect from 5 June 2008 too.

The picture on the left really depicts the current Malaysian scenario with effect from 12.01am 5 June 2008.

When you pump petrol from tomorrow onwards, try to peep at those petrol guzzling road machines and see how much the owner has to pay $$$$.

Be careful not to irritate those owners now, you know what I mean ...........

Why the government could implement all the above that easy when they have lost their two-third majority in the parliament?

As most Malaysians, as far as I know, they will just keep continue to live through this hardship. All they will do is just complain during lunch hours or dinner time with family members. Send some emails to close friends voicing out their silent protest. Yeah, that's all.

But for those who found that this round of fuel price increase is unreasonable, protests are being organised at Ipoh, Perak and Jalan Pudu, KL.

Do you know what's the main root problem for such price increases out of a sudden? Read more here in Of Subsidies And Corruption - Disquiet to learn more about the Malaysian scenario.

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Blogger Convivialdingo said...

Oy! It;'s getting expensive everywhere....

I don't fully understand the reasons for such a rising costs in fuel, but I understand it's effects quite well!

We're paying USD$3.79 - 4.00/gallon now. I think you still have a better deal there, paying only about USD $3.13/gallon and less highway driving too!

05 June, 2008 14:21  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

i got yr point but u have to know that our govt still charge us, car owners, annual road tax and tolls at highway.

besides that, all cars imported into malaysia have an import duty of around 300% on the market price

we can start comparing prices with cars available in usa to see the difference

06 June, 2008 00:19  
Blogger Kah Seng said...

We at have an article explaining that while most people's electricity bills will rise about 20%, some bills will rise by nearly 40%.

This article includes chart, table for comparing old and new bills, and a link to an Excel spreadsheet for calculating your old and new electricity bill.

How to calculate your NEW electricity bill

07 August, 2008 18:07  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

kah seng - thks for the lead

13 August, 2008 15:12  
Anonymous Rosli said...

It going to rise again in 2010. So what is the solution. Let's go green,

12 January, 2010 08:23  

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