Friday, June 06, 2008

What Oil Subsidy?

Almost any blogs owned by Malaysians are blogging about the humonguous increase in the fuel price. It may be the topic for the whole week itself.

The Malaysian government kept saying that by increasing the fuel price, the Malaysian government will have lesser burden in subsidising the fuel price. This saving of subsidy could be used for other developments which could benefit the nation as a whole.

Next question that I have - who has been paying all these subsidies all these years and who have been receiving all the subsidies all these donkey years?

Please tell me if you have the answer. I have asked so many people and there isn't two similar acceptable answers thus far.

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Blogger Falcon said...

I'm goin to brunei..wanna

06 June, 2008 16:48  
Anonymous 3POINT8 said...

oh...u mean, someone pays for the subsidies??
i tot the gov subsidies for no apparent reason

08 June, 2008 01:15  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

falcon - hahaha, brunei's fuel price is low. i have frens who told me that they were doing what the singaporeans and thais were doing in peninsula malaysia.

3.8 - someone is paying but to whom? nobody's clear on this.

09 June, 2008 12:09  
Blogger Mr. Right said...

Gov prepare the subsidy money from Malaysia income. Gov pay to petrol station operator nation wide.

Current retail price of petrol should be RM 3.45, but we pay to petrol operator RM 2.70. Meaning the diff will be pay by gov to petrol station.

12 June, 2008 16:36  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

mr. right - i dunno where u got those info. i have a fren who owns a petrol station and that's not the scenario like what u have painted there.

govt pays to the petrol brand owners and not to any petrol station owners.

petrol brand owners will pay to petrol station owners.

fyi, petrol station owners dont get 3.45 (where u plucked this from?) from petrol brand owners. they get much lesser than 2.70. they only earn between the cost price and 2.70. nothing more than that.

and if u pay for petrol with credit cards, petrol station owners will earn lesser too

18 June, 2008 14:42  
Blogger joshuaongys said...

nothing is really clear wan lar in malaysia... sighz

19 June, 2008 11:44  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

purposely dont want to be clear??

23 June, 2008 11:45  

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