Sunday, July 13, 2008

New House Near Completion

My new house at Bukit Jalil is near completion. Was at the project site yesterday to sign the water application form under Syabas. Was told that the construction could be done by October 2008 itself and certificate of completion could be out by Dec 08 or Jan 09. Fantastic!

Mine is the second unit after the corner unit. The roof tiling is already done. At the same time, found out that my house number would be 52A. It should have been number 54 but somehow the developer was sensitive enough not to use the numeric 4 for all the house addresses.

For the chinese, the pronunciation for numeric 4 sounds like death in the cantonese dialect. It may not affect a non-chinese buyer but what if they wanted to dispose of it and a chinese buyer was interested. This would have displeased the chinese buyer with the house address that has the numeric 4. Phew!

Some of the window frames and door frames have been installed, thus the developer has called for a further payment. Of course my bank would be doing that.

The same houses under the same phase, which three roads away, have already been plastered. Over at my row of houses here, there were only five units. These five units were the slowest. Why ah?

My house and the corner unit are facing the opposite house's big garden. Therefore, I will have additional car park space on the opposite side of the road. Great! If not mistaken, it's a minimum twenty to thirty feet wide road in front of my house.

Thank God that I have gotten this house prior to the increase in major construction materials and also the fuel price. The same housing developer of mine launched their Phase 3 a month back for the same kind of three storey house. The price is fixed at a minimum of RM630,000 now.

There was another new housing development being launched two weeks back in Sri Petaling by Petaling Garden Berhad and the houses were sold with the following pricing:-
Double storey house @ RM470,000
Two half storey house @ RM520,000
Semi-detached house @ RM800,000 ++

If I didn't buy this house in early May, I would have gone berserk with the pricing of the housing prices. Now, I only need to worry about the cost of materials for my house renovation. In time to come, I will blog about my house renovation under the label of "House Renovation".

After checking the project site, I went towards Puchong to have a look at furnitures and lightings. Right after that, I dropped by at the furniture showroom called Lavino with their frontage facing the Sungai Besi-Puchong main road. Since I was in Puchong area, went over to Top Ten lightings showroom located near Tesco Puchong.

Didn't book anything in advance but there was a tendency, by all those sales personnels, to say that I have to place booking fees for the stuff that I'm interested in so I will get the same pricing when I request for delivery by early next year. Every sales personnels would say that on Monday, all prices will increase. I have heard of this statement for the last two months. Been scouting around for furnitures and noticed that most of them are still having the same price tags. I wonder which Monday were they referring to?
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Blogger electronicfly said...

Mm Sei = won't die. Not good meh? hehehe

14 July, 2008 00:04  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

i thot of that too but still quite negative if u were to dispose of it next time hhehehehehe. the only house number that cld sell well with the numeric 4 involved wld be 48 .... sei fatt = continuous prosperity .... what a difference

14 July, 2008 08:50  
Blogger - k o R i - said...

ooo... so you will be getting a new house huh...

lolz, hope the construction materials won't be too expensive. ^^

14 July, 2008 09:39  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

kori - def hope so and by the look of it, its like getting out of hand

14 July, 2008 11:09  
Blogger Ted said...

Good thing you bought earlier. Prices and everything are so uncertain nowadays.

14 July, 2008 15:20  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

went to three exhibitions on related to home, construction materials, housing materials and the pricing are quite high already unless u place a large order.

14 July, 2008 18:40  
Blogger Simon Ho said...

it seems that you were indeed lucky for buying the house earlier. i think your row of five units were the slowest because you bought it at a relatively cheaper price. Lol

14 July, 2008 21:57  
Blogger Lin said...

with prices soaring high these days, naturally the construction materials will follow suit.

14 July, 2008 22:18  
Blogger Tim.L said...

Johnny, congrats! Good to see you putting your money to work!

15 July, 2008 09:58  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

simon - same price la friend ... u are a joker

lena t - that's the reason for new developments being sold at much higher prices

tim l - thank God for that in the first place

23 July, 2008 11:10  

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