Friday, August 01, 2008

No Austerity by Terengganu Govt

The state of Terengganu may have served a no-confidence vote on Malaysia's Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister by not adhering to both of their instructions in not using the controversial Mercedes Benz E200 Kompressor, all fourteen of them. One of the state executive councillor even drove his branded new car to an event attended by the Prime Minister. Of course lah, both the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister won't like it because they are only using the Proton Perdana as per government standard operating procedure. Now this procedure has been made redundant by the state of Terengganu. What else next?

Another vote of no-confidence has also been served on Proton Holdings Berhad's ("Proton") Proton Perdana car. The Mercedes Benz, though costing RM3.43 million, have been bought by the Terengganu state government after pondering over the purchase for two years now. Can you imagine that it took them two years to convince themselves that no other car models can be any better than the Mercedes Benz.

Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister have given up on the state government. Since acknowledging the fact that it has been bought already, both of them said that the state government could keep those cars but only to be used for VIPs and foreign dignitaries. The state government could only hear the word "Yes!" but not "for VIPs and foreign dignitaries only".

The state government's chief minister, Datuk Ahmad Said, did provide explanation on the reason for purchasing those beautiful Merz. One of the reasons was that Proton Perdana's cost of maintenance was extremely high which was rebutted by Proton immediately.

The whole nation was laughing at this saga (not related to the proton saga, another car model in Proton's stable). If it was such a controversy, the federal government could have insisted that those Merz be auctioned off. Since government can buy those branded cars without tax, it would have cost RM240,000 per vehicle instead of the RM320,000-RM340,000 with tax. The state government could even make a profit instead of a loss as suggested by them earlier (the newspapers will only publish what the government wants the general public to hear or know but on the other hand, the experts viewpoint are not made known).

Someone in Merz told me that their vehicles' fuel consumption is quite high compared to that of the Proton Perdana. Moreover, Merz's normal car maintenance may incur a few hundreds of ringgit but not with Proton Perdana. Of course, when you compare an apple with a pear, such fuel consumption comparison is not justified. So, how can the state government give a reason as such.

High cost of maintenance? Why was it so? Why were the Proton Perdanas not sent to Proton service centre but to other motor workshops? Who were those non-Proton motor workshop owners? As mentioned, they do charge 25% higher. Was it sent for repair in the first place (you know what I mean).

A person who intends to buy a Merz will usually make comparison against a BMW, a Jaguar, a Lexus or an Audi but definitely not a Proton Perdana.
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Blogger Unknown said...

I felt that there are something very come a proton perdana maintenance cost can be so high? I thought those ppl should be more "love-the-car" than us and will keep the car in good condition...and for those kl proton perdana owner, i bet their maintenance cost would be far more lower than them! >_>

01 August, 2008 10:50  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

nobody will believe it. but people's mouth are saying the same thing as u - very fishy!

02 August, 2008 02:04  

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