Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Instilling Fear by MCA President

The MCA President, Ong Ka Ting, should be reprimanded for bringing fear into the hearts of Malaysian citizens by saying things that could trigger fear and thus, affecting the security in Malaysia.

In his press conference, he mentioned that partly due to Anwar Ibrahim's push for a new government has caused confusion and people are querying whether it was still safe to move about in Malaysia.

Confused - yes I am. Wondering when will the new government be installed.

Safe to walk around? - excuse me, Kuala Lumpur folks are still jamming the street in going to work every morning. The food court is packed. At 6pm, its the peak of the traffic hour. What kind of fear are you trying to instill into our hearts when every KL folks are still going around doing their routine stuff. And I'm still going out for dinners at night.

Again, another national leader is making irresponsible statement.

Being one of the national leaders but yet making public statement that there are foreigners investors who are also worried about the safety issue. With his statement widely publicised like this in the local newspaper, more foreigners would be frightened off.

If the Barisan Nasional leaders are so confident that Anwar Ibrahim's calling a bluff all this while, Ong Ka Ting should be going to the foreign investors to instill confidence instead of making ridiculous press statements.

Reading: Ka Ting: People and investors worry about security - Star
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