Saturday, September 13, 2008

Latest ISA Detention

The following people have been arrested on Friday, 12 Sept 2008 under the Internal Security Act which will allow the relevant authorities to detain anyone without trial. Relevant authorities not required to provide details on the reasons. Yes, Malaysia still do practise such draconian law.

* Raja Petra Kamarudin, a blogger with many interesting / controversial stories to tell in Malaysia Today - arrested at 1pm plus

* Tan Hoon Cheng, a journalist with Sin Chew Daily who reported about Ahmad Ismail that blurted out racial remarks - arrested 8pm plus

* Teresa Kok, main reason for her arrest is still unknown - arrested at 11pm plus

Once detained under ISA, the first sixty days is held incommunicado, with no access to the outside world. Furthermore, lawyers and family members are not allowed access to the detainee during this initial period. If a two-year detention order is signed, the detainee is taken to the Kamunting Detention Centre to serve his or her two-year term, during which family members are allowed to visit. Otherwise, the detainee may be released.

At the same time, three newspapers namely Suara Keadilan, Sin Chew Daily and The Sun - were also issued show cause letters by the Home Ministry today.

As mentioned in Malaysia Today - "So stay tuned to the developments as we bring them to you. But please stay cool, keep properly informed and do not over-react."

Personal advise - "Do not forward any emails or sms which stir racial issues. MUST call the sender to confirm the situation first"
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Blogger LynMay said...

Tagging this post under 'tragedy' is very very appropriate :(

13 September, 2008 02:57  
Blogger YEECHEWEI said...

So yucky la our government.
Anyway, i never forward those kind of sms or e-mails.
OMFG wait! Did we blog about this sensitive issue? OMG will we get caught?

13 September, 2008 03:20  
Blogger Clarisse Teagen said...

OMG! What is wrong with these people?! Damn!
Theresa kok was like a beacon of light!

13 September, 2008 09:20  
Blogger Ted said...

Yes Johnny, I really hope everyone stays calm and not give the gomen another excuse to seize power through an emergency rule. If everyone acts rationally, the gomen will be the one who will be made to look like fools.

13 September, 2008 10:05  
Blogger terence said...

they are in desperate now...
cos they're loosing it...

13 September, 2008 12:43  
Blogger acura said...

I understand the need to remain calm. Just pray that DSAI will succeed & this whole nonsense will be over soon

13 September, 2008 12:51  
Blogger foongpc said...

It's double standards. Teresa Kok got detained under ISA while Ahmad Ismail who made racist remarks was not.

The journalist was arrested for reporting the truth. Is she supposed to cover things up? Or don't report the truth?

13 September, 2008 15:40  
Blogger Borneo Falcon said...

All those people got detained but Datuk Ahmad Ismail walks free....

13 September, 2008 16:09  
Blogger Sweet Jasmine said...

Its such a sad thing to happen. Will just pray everything will be turn out well for everyone and country.
btw..have a meme for you..

13 September, 2008 18:20  
Blogger Mai said...

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13 September, 2008 23:09  
Blogger Mai said...

hello.. nice posts, care to exchange links with me please? thanks and will wait for your message..

13 September, 2008 23:10  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

lynmay - nothing else suit

yeechewei - telling the truth will bring us problems nowadays. how are we going to teach the next generation?

clarisse - everything went wrong

ted - agree with yr words there

terence - yeah, there'll be more surprises from the losing fellas

acura - we do it smartly then

foong - looks like we are being taught to become liars

borneo - everyone is still questioning it

jasmine - those that are causing the havoc are not hoping for peace, i wonder why

emjei - thks for the tag and let's link up

15 September, 2008 09:59  

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