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Free Laptop Distribution in Terengganu

I applaud the Terengganu state government for having a far sighted vision in coming up with the free laptop distribution to primary students who are studying in the state of Terengganu.

Terengganu would spend RM30 million to procure such laptops. Let's work this out ........ 30,000,000 laptops divided by 25,000 pupils = RM1,200 is the price of the laptop. Marvellous plan indeed!

One reason being stated for the distribution of laptops - to minimise the carrying of heavy school books for schooling days. I bet that Terengganu year 5 students are carrying the heaviest load at the moment because they have been chosen ahead of any other students.

What about the other Malaysian states? You don't see what the state of Terengganu has seen?

And because of such huge demands, Intel Electronic will be setting up a production plant in Gong Badak just to assemble such laptops that could number up to 10,000 units a month? Ain't that a good planning as it will generate additional employment opportunities for the people of Terengganu.

Let's see - 10,000 laptops a month x 12 months = 120,000 laptops a year. To break even for Intel Electronics, let's say the production plant need to operate for 5 years where the total laptops produced will hit 600,000 units. Are there 600,000 primary students in Terengganu?

Producing a laptop at RM1,200 at this era is still possible but it could comprise technologies or specifications that are just barely enough to run heavy softwares (non-games). Unless the state government has decided that the laptops are just solely for running Microsoft Words, Excel or Powerpoint at this point of time.

Getting such a low end laptop will definitely defeat the purpose as softwares being generated nowadays demand higher RAM memory or at a higher specifications. Furthermore, I know that year five students are not taught subjects via computers (exceptional for the computer lesson) at schools unless it's different in Terengganu.

If every Malaysian states were to see it as a great idea, each state may have an Intel Electronic plant then. How nice. I have heard that many worldwide major electronics or computer related factories are shutting for a certain short periods to counter the worldwide economy slowdown. Wow but Malaysia is booming indeed.

Why is the state of Terengganu willing to spend RM30 million on a foreign purchase as the whole consignment would be procured from Taiwan. I thought there are many local original equipment manufacturers located in Malaysia that are experiencing depleting sales but the state government has decided that it's better to purchase from a foreign company instead.

I recalled that the Perak state government has been labelled as unpatriotic, by Manong assemblyman Datuk Ramly Zahari, for purchasing Toyota Camry cars in replacing the locally manufactured Proton Perdana cars.

Is it the same scenario for Terengganu state government? Moreover, Terengganu is being manned by politicians from the Barisan Nasional ruling party. Is Barisan Nasional endorsing such unpatriotic purchase too?

Is the Terengganu state government ready with hundreds of teachers (that is able to lead/guide) that are ready to teach the thousands of students on how to use a computer? As they expand the idea, thousands of teachers will be required to teach other batches of students in years to come. We neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed more Information Technology teachers.

Is this RM30 million part of the initial budget allocated for year 2009?

Maybe the Terengganu state government should read this article found in Intel's website - Why I will never own an electronic book.

BTW, if you are a parent having a child studying in Terengganu, make sure your child gets one of those free laptops. If you are a year five student (I doubt any of them would be ready my blog but anyway) ............. make sure you get one for yourself.

For political savvy people ......................... you will know why it's happening in Terengganu now.

Reading: 25,000 pupils to get laptops - Star
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Blogger Kay Leaf said...


Free laptop. Sounds not bad.

When government give, fast fast take lor. But only for year 5 students wor.

Anyway, better than nothing.

27 December, 2008 09:44  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

kay - if eligible for it, shld go get it

27 December, 2008 16:50  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

and you are right the gov't will need more IT teachers..they would have to spend much on this project..

27 December, 2008 20:23  
Blogger acura said...

Sounds like a good plan to me. But I wonder whether they are equipped to teaching using laptop rather than books.

Anyway this is indeed good news for students in Terengganu

28 December, 2008 01:23  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

sollee - hopefully the govt can see this part which is lacking

acura - hmmmm u can see that weakness issue also

29 December, 2008 18:20  
Blogger Kev said...

I read the news about this long ago in the papers... good idea, not an innovative one, but will have its own repercussions (as in all other projects)

Firstly, in the long term, our children and grandchildren won't know what it's like to hold a book and read.

Secondly, opticians and ophthalmologists would likely be more prosperous, and will be a much sought-after professions.

Finally, due to technical glitches faced by computer users (students), teachers could spend more time trouble-shooting than teaching.

There's a price to pay for everything - and I wonder if Terengganu's "brainchild" plan would be well implemented.

29 December, 2008 20:42  
Blogger foongpc said...

I just hope they are not throwing money down the drain. It may sound like a good idea, but are the teachers trained to teach using laptops?

30 December, 2008 00:46  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

kev - yeah, well planned and not just talk the talk only

foong - hopefully they got all this in place

31 December, 2008 22:28  

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