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My Danau Impian Condo Up For Sale

in June 2009

I'm putting up my condo unit up for sale. My unit is at Danau Impian Condominium located in Taman Danau Desa or within walking distance from Taman Desa's Faber Towers. Thought of renting it out but at last decided to sell it off.

Why I'm selling? I'm moving to a new house in Bukit Jalil and hopefully upon getting my vacant possession of the new house (could obtain VP any time now), I can sign off the Sale and Purchase Agreement for this condo unit. I'll be renovating my new house and will move out upon completion of the renovation which may take the next two to three months. You can probably estimate to move in by Aug/Sept 2009.

Some pictures for you to feel the surrounding first .... the condo management do ensure the environment, compound and landscaping are well kept.

There are three condo blocks of 15 floors each with 10 condo units on each floor. The whole condo compound is about 6 acres, quite large.

Bought it in 1994 and moved in on 31 Aug 1997. The condo blocks have complete CF, of course.

My corner condo unit is situated on the 3rd floor (happened to be one of the four corner units per floor, more privacy) of the Canary Tower or also known as Block 17. The size of my condo unit is 918 square feet.

Next door occupant is my childhood friend where we bought our units together on the launching day. Opposite units are working folks, a young Malay couple and an Indian family of three. Quiet 3rd floor even during night time.

Gardeners and cleaners will be around to keep the whole compound clean on daily basis.

On monthly basis, a maintenance fee (incl. sinking fund) of RM192 has to be paid to the condo management office. The management is now under Danau Impian Joint Management Body, where committee comprise of condo residents and Faber Facilities S/B, the condo developer.

One of those days that I relaxed by the poolside while doing some work. The lap pool is about 25 metres long.

If you notice properly and try squeezing your eyeballs, you could probably see the basketball court just right after the pool.

It has a mini-market, gym room, children's playground, laundry, hair saloon, children day care centre and 24 hours security.

This is the view from my living hall's window.

The master strata title has been released by Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur and the individual strata title is currently being arranged.

If you are the buyer, I'll have to obtain consents from Faber (the developer) and DBKL (joint owner of the land) and seek for direct transfer to your name via a sub-sale agreement.

This whole condo compound / property is a leasehold land and 99 years started in year 1994. Now, it has another 84 years remaining, long enough to last another two generations.

Slight view of the swimming pool.

During weekends, one of the residents will be selling malay dishes for breakfast & lunch at the covered area (roofing seen at the bottom of this picture).

That's the towering Faber Towers. The car park lot for this condo is about 50 metres from the ground floor lift area.

Convenience: Accessible from/to Jalan Kelang Lama, Federal Highway-Tmn Connaught Highway and Seremban Highway. Taman Desa Hospital and Desa Water Park are nearby.

Variety of shops at Danau Business Centre are just next to the condominium (the rooftops just in front of Faber Towers). Five minutes drive to Mid Valley. I could say that this area is the central point to almost everywhere.

View Larger Map

My unit has plain cornices in the living hall and all three rooms. Well kept and maintained as it was owner occupied since day one. My living hall has marble flooring.

I would say that I may leave all those lightings behind .....

The most expensive part of the condo, the kitchen! Solid concrete table with nice black tiles.

I have extended the internal gas piping out to the yard area so cooking could be done there which has another short concrete table too. You need not hack the walls to do it anymore. There's a ready water tap for the washing machine to be placed at the yard.

All the three bedrooms come with built-in wardrobes that are still in marvellous condition. Good hinges were used. The master bedroom and the second bedroom have air-cond pipings. All bedrooms have parquet flooring.

The master bedroom has an attached bathroom. The second bathroom is a common toilet.

All windows come with grills.

For Investor

If you thought of buying the condo for collecting rental only, then let me tell you about the potential (it also depends on how you bargain).

Unfurnished - RM700 to RM900

Semi-furnished - RM850 to RM1,000

Furnished - RM1,000 to RM1,200

Housing Loan Assistance
In case you do not have any contacts for bankers in obtaining a housing loan, feel free to call any of the following people that I know who could deal with you professionally and willing to meet up with you on arranging for a housing loan:-

* Khim Tan - a housing loan broker, she has contacts with RHB Bank Berhad and few other banks (mobile number: 012-588 2203 / email:

* Desmond Tan - a housing loan broker, he assisted me in obtaining a new housing loan from Public Bank Berhad for my new house and has contacts with few other banks (mobile number: 019-268 5888 / email:

* Jason Chua - he's with Hong Leong Bank Berhad (mobile number: 012-207 7686 / email:

* Candice Seng - she's with Alliance Bank Berhad (mobile number: 012-318 0702 / email:

Lawyers to introduce for the Sale and Purchase Agreement - I can recommend too.

And if you need contacts for renovation people, do let me know and I'll pass you the contact numbers.

Enticed now? My price? ........................ RM180,000.00 !!!!

Email me at with the subject title of "Danau Impian Condo" if you are interested to find out more or best still, to buy it. First come first serve basis of course. By the way, it's only one unit that is on sale.
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Blogger EliteVillain said...

move to bukit jalil...I'm sure you had planned this very long =D

24 March, 2009 09:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Huh...the way you describing your condo and its view very attractive. Can ask my friends. Ada komisyen tak?

24 March, 2009 10:03  
Blogger Twilight Zone said...

No wonder you once asked me where's that Madras Lane Restaurant. I like the way you advertise your condo. When my new condo suite is ready, will ask you to advertise too.

24 March, 2009 15:52  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi I do have another banker too is from CIMB feel free to contact her too. Rachel Yap 0122468315

AIA also have too Calvin 0122903713


24 March, 2009 18:21  
Blogger electronicfly said...

eh! I'm staying sorta kinda near Bukit Jalil!

When are you moving?

24 March, 2009 21:50  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

eilte - only since late 2006

anon - depends

twilight - sure np but i have to get a feel of yr place also in order to write passionately abt it

anon - thks for the tips

electronicfly - when moving? depends on when i'm getting the key and the renovation period

25 March, 2009 17:23  
Blogger Life Ramblings said...

This looks like an amazing place to live. i'll spread the word about your condo unit.

price negotiable?

25 March, 2009 17:37  
Blogger WanWan said...

wow.. seems to be a nice place... i want to buy house also.. unfortunately 180k for me is too expensive jor.. hehe.. not affordable..

25 March, 2009 20:21  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

life ramblings - thks for the assistance.

wanwan - aiyoh ..... this area is much sought after

29 March, 2009 06:13  
Blogger jerng said...

too far from LRTs for my liking

31 March, 2009 00:30  
Anonymous COACHING BY PETER said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

02 April, 2009 15:02  
Blogger Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

The price is good for a 3 room to be honest.. I wish you luck in getting it sold. I honestly think it's a great place.

05 April, 2009 17:55  
Anonymous G said...

found a buyer yet? yr place opne for viewing?

05 May, 2009 11:44  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

jerng - yeah, no lrt nearby

gorgeous eve - shldn't be a problem for a convenient spot

G - email me for further info / arrangement

05 May, 2009 18:51  
Blogger Blackie007 said...

Hey, you sure could wax poetry on something as dry as property. haha, I know it's your beloved home, but still.....anything made of concrete is dry stuff to me. Not easy to write like you did. :)

But I think it's a real bargain, at RM180K. If we were looking to buy another property, I would have considered yours. Good luck, Johnny! :)

18 May, 2009 20:52  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

blackie - i wrote it with my heart. able to relate it as had been staying here long enuf

19 May, 2009 04:25  
Blogger Blackie007 said...

Still an impressive piece of writing, nevertheless.

how's it going? any queries yet? if not, you can always try those free online classifieds like mudah, simplifieads (not sure of spelling), malaysian real estate, etc.

Good luck!

19 May, 2009 12:11  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

blackie - thank u then. surprised that google has rank this blog posting on first page if u key in 'danau impian for sale'

that brought in a number of queries

20 May, 2009 06:07  
Anonymous Lai said...

Hi Johnny,

Wondering if your unit is sold? I just came across your writings.


05 June, 2009 20:08  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

Lai - pls email me at

06 June, 2009 17:03  
Blogger gabriel said...

Hi, I was wondering what was the selling price back 1994?

14 June, 2009 17:44  
Blogger Ahmad Kamal said...

hi johnny, has the unit been sold?

31 August, 2009 15:46  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

gabriel - bought it for rm98k those days

ahmad kamal - sold as of june 2009

31 August, 2009 16:21  
Blogger atayala said...

WOW! This is a nice place to have a property with. The was so lovely.

Deirdre G
condo in Philippines

27 May, 2010 18:23  
Blogger jomie said...

Hmmmm, that's another way of looking at it. Great views.

houses for sale Philippines

21 March, 2011 09:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So cheap ahhhh?

15 April, 2011 14:46  
Anonymous condo Philippines said...

Oh' I think I was too late for this post. This condo is already sold. Anyway, thanks for sharing.


07 June, 2011 09:34  

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