Sunday, March 01, 2009

Videos of Parliament & Brickfields Incidents

We have heard of the major incidents that had happened in the vicinity of the Parliament and also when a group of people intended to make mass police reports at the Brickfields police station recently.

Many things have been said on who's right or wrong. Well, the best judge is always with our very own eyes and ears.

See the video and you be the judge!

* Parliament incident

* Brickfields incident

Personally, everything is going upside down in Malaysia.
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Blogger electronicfly said...

There was a smaller 'gathering' at the UN building in Damansara also before the Parliament's and Brickfields'.

I was in class at that time, but everyone only dispersed an hour later when I came out.

Seems harmless on paper, but if you're there, zomb quite scary wei suddenly seeing so many angry people.

02 March, 2009 00:06  
Blogger levian said...

it seemed impossible for msia to settle down. can't see it at all!

02 March, 2009 10:22  
Blogger Twilight Man said...

Malaysia is fast catching up with Thailand. Soon we will mob airports too.

The Madras Lane Restaurant is right behind Old Town White Coffee at 3 Mile Old Klang Road (New hub). See you there!

02 March, 2009 14:14  
Blogger Kay Leaf said...


02 March, 2009 22:33  
Blogger levian said...

i used to be proud saying i'm a msian when the country was growing. now it's a humiliation to even mention the country name.

03 March, 2009 09:23  
Blogger Kev said...

Levian: You have a point there.

Anyway, i've watched the first video clip...feel really, really sad. The word "celaka" has been linked to "racism". I guess the person who made that link must have referred to a new dictionary.

04 March, 2009 14:19  

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