Friday, July 03, 2009

Kelantan Football Coach Bares All

Kelantan FA football chief coach, Peter Butler, had an interview with Jason Dasey recently and was asked the following question:-

Q: Peter, how do you compare your life in Malaysia compared to those days more than a decade ago in London with West Ham?

A: My life here in Malaysia is very different to my time in Essex and London. This is not really a football environment that you can fairly compare to East London. Malaysia is a beautiful country. I have been lucky to live in Sabah, which probably my favourite spot, and now Kuala Lumpur, which I chose for my children's education.

The Malaysian people love their sport and especially English football and there is potential. But, sadly, the game is in bad shape. There is too much politics involved in football in Malaysia for it to move forward at this present time. You have to be realistic: if you want a career in football coaching you cannot stay in Malaysia long-term. The opportunities are not here as the football infrastructure is very limited, and economically it does not add up.

Looks like I have been correct on the political interference with football teams in Malaysia. For as long as politicians are involved in football, it will never grow because they know nuts about football management. They thought that by being able to name all the English Premier League players' names or all the Malaysian football players' names or used to shouting from the stand on how to play / win a match would mean that they can be good in football management. To quote, it's totally a different ball game.

In a related local football news, I'm sorry to note that the former Chief Minister of Perak, Datuk Nizar Jamaluddin, is still holding on to the Perak FA president post. Just let it go and don't let your political idealogies to affect the beautiful game of football. Worse still, full salaries are not paid to the Perak football players.

If we see the next person to take up that position is either a politician or, with much respect, a royalty family member then it's no difference .......... wave bye bye to Malaysian football. Just continue to watch EPL or La Liga.

Even a professional coach, Peter Butler, is saying that ........ what a shame!
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