Monday, August 10, 2009

Internet Censorship in Malaysia

Suddenly the Malaysian gahmen wants to patrol the internet. Trying to assist parents or guardians who seem to have failed in controlling the kids under their care as the gahmen seems to know that the kids or even the adults are patronising porn websites unceasingly 24/7.

Out of care, the gahmen wants to filter and censor the internet for your own good.

China almost did implement a similar care programme by filtering the internet and tried to block access to various porn websites. The project was called Green Dam and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology was determined to do so with effect from 1 July 2009. Somehow the dam burst as highlighted in the headlines of PC World.

This China project was objected by twenty two chambers of commerce and trade groups from the United States, Europe and Japan and internal protests were increasing. The good intention brought about was met with bad news - it made computers opened to malicious attacks and infiltration from hackers.

In Malaysia, this similar plan could be a one-off kind of thing being discussed somewhere amongst the gahmen decision makers. The moment this piece of news was released, it was met with strong protests.

Just recently, the gahmen announced that a national High-Speed Broadband would be in place within the next sixteen months making internet available to everyone wherever you are in Malaysia. With this project, the gahmen hoped to increase internet broadband penetration by 50% by end 2010.

Funny to have this kind of idea to crop up when the Multimedia Super Corridor (Malaysia's version of the Silicon Valley) that houses many foreign technology related companies have agreed to a number guarantees before setting up their regional offices in Malaysia. One of the guarantees - Ensure no Internet censorship.

Maybe with this high speed thingy, the gahmen is worried that undesired info would be shared at a much faster speed especially those political related stuff as highligted in Malaysian Insider's story - Proposed Internet filter prompts criticism.

One of the reasons for the Malaysian gahmen to commence this internet filter was to prevent internet access to undesirable websites. What kind of undesirable websites? Undesirable to the gahmen? Or undesirable to the ruling political party? Or undesirable to certain politicians? The Malaysiakini website did state that the need to do so was on the grounds of maintaining racial harmony in the multicultural nation. Which is which now?

It could happen anytime as four companies have submitted their bids with the successful tenderer to do the following:-

* to evaluate the readiness and feasibility for the implementation of Internet filter at Internet gateway level, through assessments on the existing infrastructure and existing products in the market.

* to evaluate and estimate costs for the implementation.

* to study the existing legal framework in addressing content filtering and no censorship issue, including the impacts that are caused by the implementation to Internet users and the Malaysian economy.

* to visit Internet services providers (ISPs) and question them on various issues apart from studying countries which have some form of Internet filters to study the suitability for the Malaysian environment.

My say - we are just moving backwards. Firstly, by reversing back to the Malay language from the English language after being taught in English language for the last six years for the science and maths subjects.

Now the internet? China's a communist country and the gahmen thinks that the communist's method is much better.

No wonder the gahmen has provided another date (supposedly year 2020) to achieve the developed nation status allllllll the way to year 2057 (may not be for me to witness the glorious days), in case it fails to materialise by year 2020.

Reading - Malaysia plans Internet filter, tougher controls - Reuters
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Blogger foongpc said...

I could not access my own blog and all blogs that use blogspot when IO was in China last week. Looks like China had banned Blogspot. I wonder why. I hope Malaysia Govt do not follow China's style.

11 August, 2009 23:28  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

foong - yes, it's banned in china

13 August, 2009 23:23  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Apparently, porn sites such as has been banned. Mmm... people who surf for porns are not necessarily perverts who will commit incest or will soon turn into rapist/ sexual offenders. To the contrary, most of us who frequent porn sites are normal, fully functioning and contributing members of the society. Surfing for porn is just a way to relax and affords us an escapism from the stress of everyday work. As long as we are matured enough to differentiate between reality versus fantasy, no one is going to get hurt. Even our girlfriends maybe taken by surprise, in a good way, when we practice acceptable yet abit novel moves "copied" from the porn sites. When are we going to be open minded about things just like Japan, US, UK and members of the EU? Mind you, these are countries which are part of the G8.

17 February, 2010 02:57  

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