Thursday, August 06, 2009

New House Before Renovation

Ahhhhhhhhhh at last my new house is ready and free of defects at this point of time. It took the developer one month to rectify most of it.

Then, wrote another reminder that I'll repair the rest if you don't finish the remainder within the next fourteen days. The effect? It was done within a week.

Got no choice to take this path as the toilets were having leaks above the plaster ceiling, apparently one of the pipings somewhere above burst.

I asked them, who was using the toilets when I haven't even shift in ......scary isn't it? Found out that it was the plumber who was testing the pipings. After testing, the other workers didn't know why there was leaking in the toilets. It took two strongly worded letters to get things moving.

Praise God, all fixed and hopefully it won't happen again.

My house is the second house, besides a corner unit.

The living hall and the dining hall just before the first wall on the right. Too cramp.

The picture looked so brownie and the need to bring in new colours is a must.

Thought of changing all the staircase railings but it will cost me a nuclear bomb ..... sigh

All these walls will go down as I'm having an open plan design. Dining area will be moved to behind the first wall, dry kitchen moved further back and wet kitchen will be the other corner.

The second floor will be my audio visual area. Lots of cablings in this area.

What sort of amplifier, speakers and wiring do you recommend? Budget in between RM5k to RM8k of course.
Will have my own study room (right hand side room) later on.

The view from my balcony overlooking the right hand side of my house. Those houses on the straight road belong to Phase 2. Mine is under Phase 2A and need to pay a bit more.

The house opposite of mine has a large garden compound. Good thing also that I have a clear space in front of my house.

The electricity being generated just across my home. Not too near and not far either. But I'll get my electricity current before my other neighbours???

Same goes with the water, maybe water pressure is better at my unit?

Could see the temporary homes of the Indonesian workers who are still constructing the Phase 3 houses. Safe for me to stay so near to them?

The look of the backlane. My unit is located on a higher area of the left. Will be extending my kitchen to the max.

Thought of extending first floor too but the need to submit an architect's plan ($$$$$$) and it's too time consuming awaiting for the approval from DBKL. Decided to forego the 1st floor idea.

The boom gate placed at the only entrance to the garden. The Phase 1 and 2 residents are organising a meeting with the developer and DBKL to put up a proper security entrance / guardhouse / perimeter fencing round the whole development. Currently, only zinc structures are being installed round the development.

Will be confirming the pricing with the Interior Designer and the renovation contractor by this week and green light for starting the work by next week. Have to push this through before I fly off again. They said that I could move in by early November. Sold my existing condo and hopefully the timing will be just nice.

Why hire an Interior Designer? At first I thought I could manage in imagining which colour scheme, what sort of room design and where to place certain things. The house was just too big to put the jigsaw puzzle together and I got lost. Rather than making a mess or having a clash of colours, I don't mind paying a bit more to solve it. Secondly, I'm out of the country most of the time, the ID person will also act as my project manager to monitor the daily work on my behalf.
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Blogger Rosse said...

nice house you have here and too spacious for one person..haha, hire a designer yet? can recommend you one.

06 August, 2009 17:35  
Blogger Twilight Zone said...

Hey your house looks familiar. I thought it's in Cheras. The interior looks spacious wor. Any house warming?

06 August, 2009 19:00  
Blogger WanWan said...

nice housing area.... be waiting to see ur complete renovation...

I always wish I got a hse .. then I can decorate it myself.. hehehe

06 August, 2009 23:47  
Blogger bZbee said...

your new home looks spacious...cos there are no furnitures in it yet....
Such a big area of housing..however i can't find any electric electricity yet?.....

All the best in your new home!! GBY!!

07 August, 2009 10:44  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

rosse - not for me alone of course. got the designer already.

twilight - not in cheras, not near too. warming the house? thot malaysian weather is hot enuf d hehe

wanwan - the decorating part is nice. the buying part is really heavy

bzbee - everything is underground

07 August, 2009 11:03  
Blogger Sweet Jasmine said...

Good idea to have an Interior designer. Choosing colors to harmonise from furnishing down to the curtains is best done by ID.

07 August, 2009 12:17  
Blogger Ted said...

Hey the new house looks great! Glad to hear that most of the problems with the developers are over with at this time.

07 August, 2009 20:37  
Blogger A Common Singaporean said...

really neat house.

great for your pet puppies too!

11 August, 2009 12:08  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

jasmine - yeah, that's one of the many reasons

ted - glad too and hopefully it wont recur

singaporean - no puppies later on cuz no time to clean the area or even bath them

19 August, 2009 05:59  
Blogger kelmen said...

is the reno done? any latest pic?

17 May, 2010 16:38  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

kelmen - done and will post it soon

17 May, 2010 20:09  

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