Sunday, September 06, 2009

Laying Tiles for New House

The house looks brighter now with the tiles being laid at the dining and dry kitchen areas.

Unfortunately the tiling sifu can't complete his work here because of wrong estimation of tiles required. The contractor only found out on Friday afternoon and it was too late to submit orders and the company don't work on Saturday and they are off on Monday because of Nuzul Quran. That means we only get to submit the orders on Tuesday morning. Goodness me.

Notwithstanding this batch of tiles, all tilings should be completed by next Wednesday together with the concrete table at the wet kitchen.

My contractor got this tiling sifu at a rate of RM4.50 per laying each 1x1 or 1x2 tile. As for the 2x2 tile, the rate is RM5.00 per tile (inclusive of labour and consumable materials).

The condition in the wet kitchen. Can't complete the whole wall because the electrician has yet to place those electrical wiring box conduits at those wiring points.

Called the electrician to complete his work on Sunday.

Will have to drop by on Sunday to address some additional electrical points. This is how your budget explodes.

Professionally done with the yellow leveller gadget seen at the bottom of the white tiles.

The backyard extension is completed now and awaiting for the cement to dry up before applying proper plastering and painting thereafter.

Talking about painting, will have to source for paints as Interior Designer has completed the colour scheme for the whole house.

The neighbour at back of us has just knocked down their last wall and will extending their kitchen as well.

Basically Asians like to eat and prefer a much bigger kitchen to cater for such feast preparation hehe
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Anonymous Dora said...

The contractor tends to do that ~ wrongly estimate of tiles ~ wondering it's purposely or what...

Anyway, the renovation is progressing well.

06 September, 2009 11:22  
Blogger fufu said...

yeah kitchen is very important ya... make a bigger one if you like to have party with friends....

06 September, 2009 11:45  
Blogger TZ said...

Looking @ the nice environment ... so when r u going to throw a party for all the bloggers ??? :p

06 September, 2009 23:33  
Blogger Lifebook said...

Yes.. agreed with TZ.. big enough to fit all the blogger.. :)

12 September, 2009 12:50  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

dora - anyway, it doesnt benefit the contractor for the wrong estimation. otherwise, he cld work on another project if he has finished mine

fufu - got a dry and wet kitchen well planned for that

tz - all??? u'll be one of them

lifebook - u flying over?

15 September, 2009 21:59  

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