Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Plastering the Ceiling

The plaster ceiling materials arrived just before the hari raya week.

The ID people started the plaster ceiling works at the dry kitchen area. When I first saw it, I was quite disappointed with the low plaster ceiling level. My fully stretched hand could touch it.

After listening to the reason given by the ID staff, I hope that it will turn out as what they had envisaged.

Aluminium brackets installed initially is to hold those plaster ceiling boards.

After the hari raya holidays, I dropped by at the house to peek at the plaster ceiling status. After laying the plaster on the ceiling, the ground floor has brighten up quite a lot compared to the beginning of the house renovation.

My ID prefers a straight plaster ceiling. Only that beam stretching from the store room door to the opposite wall spoiled it all.

Plaster ceiling works on the ground floor are done and they are commencing works on the first floor this week itself. Should complete all by end of the week and painting for the whole house can commence.

The ID rate per square feet of those plaster ceiling is RM3.00. The L-box pricing for the curtain areas is about RM15.00 per foot run.

Sometimes I really wonder did I overdo it with those power points hehe

That red colour cables are specifically for my surround speakers. Yeah, aiming to turn this family hall into a audio/visual area. No need to go to cinema.

Also wondering whether I have sufficient $$$$ to buy a proper sound system ........ did so many wirings for future ..... it's not that I can't lay the cables later on but wanted the walls to have a clean look.

Otherwise, you'll see plastic cover running all over the house in future for additional power points.
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Blogger TZ said...

i'm looking forward to see the end product of your nice house... :) Don forget to snapshot your new home eh~

30 September, 2009 09:28  
Anonymous In my Journey said...

hi. can we exchange links with my blogs
with this blog
I have added your links in my blog
pls let me know your feedback

30 September, 2009 22:12  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

tz - progressively till full completion

in my journey - most welcome to do so

02 October, 2009 23:52  
Blogger cbc said...

how you estimate the no. & types of wiring for the media/sound system that you required without identitifed the gadgets first?

06 August, 2010 11:00  

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