Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hunting for House Lights

My hunt for downlights has ended. Finally found the downlight recommended by my ID. This downlight is a die-cast type and it has two bulbs attached to it.

The lighting shop sold it to me at RM41 that includes two Toshiba 18w light bulbs with two ballasts.

Whole house is filled with this downlight, up to sixty one of them.

This is the halogen light where I bought nine units. Cost is RM72 per unit. The brand's Gama. Cost of replacement bulb will be RM5.

This halogen light is used for higlighting certain walls in the house. Got this from Top Ten Lighting Sdn Bhd that is located in Pusat Bandar Puchong, next to Tesco Puchong.

The above are just downlights and halogen lights. I still need pendant lights, wall lights, pillar lights and spot light for other parts of the house. Killing me slowly.

Ten-Gro Lighting Sdn Bhd is the shop that supplied me with the downlights. Shop located behind Tesco Puchong.

Hardworking brothers owned the shop. Ask for Ken Chan @ 016-6579957.
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